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Wolfenstein 2 Enemies - Here's Who You'll Be Squaring Up Against In The New Colossus

If you have ever played a Wolfenstein game before, it will come as no surprise that the big baddies in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are the Third Reich. You know, Nazis. But unless MachineGames are keeping some big secrets hidden away, don’t expect to be shooting Hitler in his singular testicle here.

This is a story focused on telling new stories, in a world where the Nazis won the Second World War. You are a guerilla fighter, striking high value targets from the shadows, weakening the Nazi war machine one soldier at a time in a world where Nazis parade the streets, rubbing shoulders with the Ku Klux Klan.

You will face waves and waves of Nazi grunts, however, as well as members of the KKK, SS soldiers, Nazi snipers, scientists, infernal machines, and even vehicles. The Nazi war effort is made up off allsorts of Aryan atrocities, including robot dogs and supersoldiers. For the Nazis, nothing is off-limit in terms of research, so expect to come up against a range of horrors as you fight to free America from the Nazi’s vice-like grip.

But who are the ones pulling the strings? Here are the two we know about so far:

Irene Engel

Irene Engel absolutely hates you. Not only are you partly responsible for mangling her face beyond recognition in the first game, you also killed her toyboy. The story of Engel and our protagonist, B.J., started on a train bound for Berlin, but the pair now have a deep, antagonistic history.

Engel headed up the Nazi party’s female wing, Bund Deutscher Mädel. In Wolfenstein II, she’s had a promotion to Obergruppenführer (Lieutenant General), and she has been relentlessly hunting you down.

When the pair meet in The New Colossus, Engel mocks B.J. for his physical state and forces her own daughter to execute another resistance fighter with an axe.

Peter Trumbauer

Very little is known about Trumbauer, though we do know that the Nazis hail him as a hero. He is the pilot responsible for dropping “Der Bestrafer”, an atomic bomb, on New York.

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