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Wolfenstein 2 Characters - Meet The Cast Of The New Colossus

As well as continuing the trend of brutal, snappy Nazi shooting, Wolfenstein II will pick up exactly where The New Order ended. When that game released, it surprised critics with a heartfelt story at its core, full of fleshed-out, believable characters. Wolfenstein II looks set to continue that, with a bunch of old faces returning and a host of new characters to meet. Here are some of the most important.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Characters

William J. Blazkowicz

It’s you! The protagonist of Wolfenstein since the ‘80s, B.J. has been reimagined over the years, and the B.J. we see today grew up on a farm near Texas. He’s renowned in the world of Wolfenstein for having made an attempt on Hitler’s life. It isn’t clear whether this attempt was successful or not, as German propaganda suggests Hitler survived the attempt. At the start of Wolfenstein II, he has been in a coma for five months and is suffering from kidney failure. He’s a killing machine with a heart of gold and a block for a head.

Anya Oliwa

Anya is an intelligent Polish woman who was working towards her Doctorate at the University of London during the Blitz. Anya took care of B.J. during his time in the asylum, during the events of The New Order, only to be rescued by him when he snapped out of his coma when her parents were killed in front of him. She is one of the only character to call B.J. by his proper name, William. The pair are married at the beginning of The New Colossus, and Anya is expecting his children - twins.

Probst Wyatt III

One choice in The New Order sees you deciding the fates of Probst Wyatt and Fergus Reid. Whoever you choose then joins you throughout the campaign, and that choice will carry over into this sequel. Wyatt was a shellshocked greenhorn at the start of The New Order, but the events of that game have seasoned him for the sequel. In one of The New Colussus’s trailers Wyatt can be seen hallucinating.

Fergus Reid

If you choose Fergus, he will replace Wyatt in your story. Fergus is a rough-and-ready type who hails from Scotland. At the start of The New Order, he takes on the role of a seasoned squad leader. If you are looking for some creative swearing to accompany your campaign, Fergus is your man. In The New Colossus, he gains a cybernetic right arm after having his real arm chopped off. In the trailers, it appears that the arm might sometimes be a hindrance, however, particularly while eating.

Grace Walker

Making her debut in The New Colossus, Grace is the leader of the American Resistance fighters cell in New York. With the Nazis operating alongside the KKK, many African American people such as Grace signed up to fight in the Resistance. She’s tough, takes no crap from anyone, and has a seething hatred for the Nazi regime and the Klan.

Irene Engel

One of the heads of the Nazi party’s female wing, Bund Deutscher Mädel, Irene is one of the primary antagonists of Wolfenstein. In The New Order her face is horrifically disfigured by a robot, though she survives the attack and will return for the sequel. She has been relentlessly hunting for B.J. ever since he killed her lover in the first game.

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