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Wolfenstein 2 Story - What We Know So Far About The New Colossus

Wolfenstein: The New Order ends with a raid on the evil Deathshead’s personal fortress. After fighting his way to the top of the base, our hero, B.J. Blazkowicz, confronts Deathshead inside his laboratory. It is revealed that the Nazi has fused one of B.J.’s fallen comrades with an infernal machine, using their brain to power it and create a robotic super soldier. After being forced to fight his old ally, B.J. confronts Deathshead who is piloting an even larger robot.

At the end of the fight, B.J. rips Deathshead from the machine's cockpit, but the Nazi scientist manages to pull a grenade, killing himself and leaving B.J mauled by the blast. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus picks right up right after this explosive conclusion.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Story

Wolfenstein II begins in 1961, following the fateful events of the assault on Deathshead’s compound. B.J. is still recovering from his wounds on a stolen U-boat called Eva’s Hammer. He’s scarred, broken, and suffering from kidney failure - a catheter pokes out from beneath his hospital gown. He’s also bound to a wheelchair. B.J.’s partner, Anya, is pregnant with his twins.

It is a good job he has had some rest, because the game kicks off with the Nazis launching a surprise attack on the submarine. As B.J., you are forced to fight your way out while still sat in the wheelchair, using conveyor belts and more to assist your movement. The assault is headed up by Frau Engel who has been doggedly hunting B.J., looking for revenge after he killed her lover during the events of The New Order.

Once he escapes the U-boat, B.J. ends up in the USA where he must try to ignite a second American Revolution. To do so, he has to team up with local resistance cells and unite them all for the cause. At some point, B.J. gets access to an armoured exoskeleton that allows him to walk once more, as well as increasing his strength. A host of familiar faces return to help him in his fight against the Third Reich. Check out Green Man Gaming’s feature on Wolfenstein II’s characters to read about some of the most important.

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