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Rise of the Ravager





A god desires to be reborn, an event that would signal the End of Times. In Rise of the Ravager, seek favor from the Old Ones to prevent his avatar from destroying all.

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Game description

A god desires to be reborn, an event that would signal the End of Times. In Rise of the Ravager, seek favor from the Old Ones to prevent his avatar from destroying all. Play alone, or invite up to three friends to blast hordes of enemies utilizing a unique combat system based on color. Large boss fights, multiple landscapes, unfolding mythology - preventing the End of Time is an entertaining challenge.

Key Features:

  • Unique arcade action based on color combat

  • Single player campaign unfolding an engaging original myth

  • Up to 4 players for local co-op play with scaled difficulty

  • Challenging boss fights

  • Upgrade system with refundable points allowing you tackle stages with different builds

  • Hand drawn art inspired by Mesoamerican cultures

  • New Game Plus invites you to play again with a higher difficulty and all your upgrades

  • In-game achievements to unlock

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Gentleman Squid Games
Gentleman Squid Games
Indie, Puzzle
Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Digital PC Download
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Old School Game


Don’t you just love indie games that take the best elements of various genres and bring them together to create an entirely new game? I know I do, and that’s precisely what Gentleman Squid have done with Rise of the Ravager; it’s part RPG, part shooter, part Guitar Hero. In Rise of the Ravager it’s your duty to defend a charming cartoon land from four different colours of enemy: red, blue, yellow and green by shooting them with the right colour of bullet. That sounds a little easy, but Rise of the Ravager does actually present a solid challenge, with later levels requiring a lot of skill to complete. To set up your defence you’ll use the in-game currency that you earn through completing levels. You’ll spend currency on upgrading your stats for power, rate of fire and more, and can create automatic turrets and towers to create your devastating arsenal. Controls in Rise of the Ravager are tight and accurate and I personally didn’t have any trouble using them. There’s also a co-op mode, though I haven’t been able to play it yet. One of my favourite parts of this great indie game is its boss fights, which reveal some real creative spark at work in Gentleman Squid. As for the worst part of the game, I will say that I would have liked to have seen more variety to the enemies, having such a limit number of sprites does make the game feel a little repetitive. ~The same can be said of the backgrounds: there’s just not enough variety. Those graphical issues aren’t enough to stop me from praising this game. Rise of the Ravagers is a highly addictive and wonderfully playable game with great controls and a healthy amount of challenge.

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