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Tomb Raider is a critically acclaimed action adventure that explores the intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a young woman to a hardened survivor.

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Tomb Raider is a critically acclaimed action adventure that explores the intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a young woman to a hardened survivor. Armed only with raw instincts and the ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara must fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold. The Game of the Year edition includes the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, 6 single player outfits for Lara, 6 multiplayer weapons, 8 multiplayer maps, and 4 characters.


  • A Turning Point:

    Experience Lara Croft’s intense origin story from a young woman to a hardened survivor.

  • An All-New Raiding Experience:

    Explore a mysterious island filled with environmental puzzles, visceral combat, and tombs to discover.

  • Fight to Live:

    Salvage resources, gain experience, and upgrade Lara’s weapons and tools to survive the island’s hostile inhabitants.

  • Survive as a Team:

    Play a variety of multiplayer modes as Lara’s Shipmates or Yamatai’s Scavengers.

Tomb Raider Game of the Year Edition includes the following DLC packs:

  • Tomb of the Lost Adventurer (Single player Challenge Tomb)
  • Scavenger Scout
  • Scavenger Executioner
  • Scavenger Bandit
  • Fisherman
  • Silverballer
  • Agency SPS 12
  • HX AP-15
  • JAGD P22G
  • M590 12ga
  • STG 58 Elite
  • Hunter Skin
  • Aviatrix Skin
  • Guerilla Skin
  • Demolition Skin
  • Sure-shot Skin
  • Mountaineer Skin
  • Shanty Town
  • Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack
  • 1939 Multiplayer Map Pack
  • Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack
Game info
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Square Enix
Crystal Dynamics
Square Enix
Friday, January 31, 2014
English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista,7,8 (32bit/64bit)
  • Processor: Dual core CPU: AMD Athlon64 X2 2.1 Ghz (4050+), Intel Core2 Duo 1.86 Ghz (E6300)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with 512Mb Video RAM: AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT, nVidia 8600
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 12 GB HD space
  • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Processor: Quad core CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 565, Intel Core i5-750
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM: AMD Radeon HD 4870, nVidia GTX 480
  • DirectX®: 11
  • Hard Drive: 12 GB HD space
  • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection

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Reviews for Tomb Raider Game of the Year

Decent but overrated

This is a pretty enjoyable game, but the gaming media would have made you believe it's the greatest game since sliced bread. While I do like the overall more realistic tone of this revitalized Lara Croft, I do not like how simplistic the puzzle solving has become. This game is much more of a thriller, third person shooter than a Tomb Raider game. Either way, it's decent and the voice actress does a phenomenal job.

Lara is back

The reboot of Tomb Raider has made Lara into a more believable and "human" character and I personally like it. You will see her getting beaten and struggle to accomplish her quest throughout the game as a young and inexperienced Lara just starting her adventures in the most unexpected way. the game mechanics and overall feel is fluid and at no point through the game did the controls bother me, it took me around 18 hours to complete the game 100% which is not too long or short because it is more action oriented. It should have more tombs/dungeons to explore because now it is quite linear and other than collecting relics and other collectibles in every area there is nothing else to do besides exploring a few small tombs. I recommend buying the Game of the Year edition if you want all the DLC when it is on sale.

Different but in a good way

Tomb Raider is one of those series that has been around for a while. Well known for the its strong female protagonist along with the fun of solving puzzles and raiding ancient tombs, this game has made its place in the hall of legends. So, what does this installment of Tomb Raider have in store for us? Unlike, its predecessors, Tomb Raider (2013) is a huge step in a different direction. Lara Croft returns, younger, fresher and more relatable than before, on a great new adventure. The game focuses much more on action and adventure than puzzle solving. The main focus of the story is survival and shows how Lara evolves and how a survivor is born. The graphics are stunning. Featuring, ancient windy palaces to old WW-2 era bases on snowy peaks, this game is breathtakingly beautiful. The story is definitely better than before, with more focus being put on character development, due to the large array of supporting cast that accompany Lara. The story is fun to play and will keep you interested till the end. The multiplayer is the where the game falls short. It is extremely buggy, that is if you manage to actually find anyone to play with. Even if you are lucky enough, you'll often find yourself clipping through objects or being unable to spawn after dying. Another con here is that the number of tombs in the game is few. People who loved the previous iterations for their puzzle solving, may find the the tombs too few and too easy for their liking. The game also features a camera bob which makes Lara's movements much more realistic. Unfortunately, it also results in motion sickness for many people, myself included. So, be careful if you plan on playing for more than an hour. Overall, Tomb Raider (2013) is a solid entry into the series. Though, some might not enjoy the step away from the traditional style; the general public will find much joy in this title.

I don't think we're in Tomb Raider land anymore

The 2013 Tomb Raider reboot is a game vastly different from its previous iterations, with lots of action, stealth and exploration and good story-telling. The game is heavily combat-focused, though the multitude of collectibles would lead you to think otherwise (they do play a part though, especially if you're the kind of player that likes exploring). While I don't want to make spoilers, I guarantee that you will at least be intrigued by the story, even though its quality may not be absolutely consistent. The few existent tombs in the game are not particularly challenging, but are a nice touch. If you enjoy Uncharted type of games or big budget games or both and want to find out more about the origins of Lara Croft (though they may not be what the original creator had in mind). then go and play this game. It's definitely a memorable experience!

Short, simple, decent

I played this game with low expectations, the trailers and gameplay looked like Uncharted with a female protagonist, and after completing it, that is exactly how I would describe this game. The combat is your typical third person shooter with chest high walls scattered around, the combat controls are pretty good though. You also get to acquire a few weapons, a bow, a shotgun, an assault rifle, and a handgun, which can all be upgraded. It's not a huge selection, but it's still better than being limited to only two. The puzzles / tombs really let the game down imo, extremely short and easy to solve, the puzzles are mainly in the tombs, and only took me a minute or so to solve. The tombs are generally just one room containing the puzzle and a chest with some material you use to upgrade your weapons. The story was actually a lot better than I expected, though the ending was rather obvious. Most of the characters were also either uninteresting or annoying. I really only liked one of the characters, Conrad Roth. Overall it's a decent game, but not as good as the old ones.

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