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Interested in finding out more about the world of E-Sports? Ever wondered which game is the right one for you? Our E-Sports hub answers all these questions and more, giving you a solid foundation from which to immerse yourself into the fascinating world of competitive gaming!

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Archived features

November 2017

Unreal Engine

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine has been powering award-winning games for over two decades. This hub delivers insight into the Unreal ecosystem to show how the engine empowers today’s creators and players. Also highlighted here are several Unreal-powered titles you might enjoy! If you’re curious about game development or just want to explore popular games from a brand new perspective, read on for more details.

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September 2017

Mortal Blitz

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk the corridors of a spacecraft, crouching behind heavy metal crates whilst shooting genetically modified creatures and killing enemies with the ultimate Groggy Finish… wonder no more, with Mortal Blitz VR.

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August 2017

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Looking to be the best at Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds? Our PUBG guides and tips will see you through the brutal battles on the desolate island of Erangal. If you’re starving for a chicken dinner, we’ve got your next guide to winning, along with weapon stats, looting tips and advanced gameplay strategies.

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June 2017

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth is at war, and it is up to Talion and Celebrimbor to defeat Sauron’s forces once and for all and take back Middle-earth.

In this hub you will uncover a wealth of information about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Get in depth knowledge about the games and what we can expect from the next title.

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April 2017


Take the time to scroll through our paiges (see what I did there) on Yooka-Laylee and find out everything you need to know about the popular upcoming 3D platformer from the devs behind Banjo-Kazooie. Go on a journey from your hometown Shipwreck Creek and defeat the evil Capital B sitting way up in his Hivory Tower. The Yooka-Laylee release date is 11th April 2017.

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March 2017


Welcome to the Skaven infested land, where no corner is safe from the rabid, armoured beasts that have stripped the world of human population. March into the belly of the beast, but be prepared… as behind every door, in every chest and discovered in every passage are the dark secrets of Vermintide.

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Feburary 2017

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival

This year's Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival will be taking place in Frankfurt, Germany! In celebration of the festival, we’ve created a one stop shop for all your Final Fantasy needs!

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