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vermintide II

In the upcoming sequel to Vermintide: End Times there will be more rat men to fight, more ways to fight them, and more places to fight them in! Find out all you need to know in our handy hub!


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Everything You Need To Know About Vermintide II

If you still long for the days when Valve still made games like Left 4 Dead, pine no more. Warhammer: Vermintide offered and incredible alternative for folks who wanted some first-person co-op action, and now Vermintide 2 will crank everything right up to eleven.

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New Features In Vermintide II

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 carries on from where Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide left off. Here’s everything that is new!

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Vermintide II's Cast Of Playable Heroes

The full cast of five heroes from End Times return for another battle in Vermintide 2, only this time you will have more options for how to kit them out or specialise them!

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How To Specialise Your Heroes In Vermintide II

Careers are a new addition to Vermintide 2 and will you specialise all five character down three different trees. Here is what is available for each.

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Enemies You'll Be Facing In Vermintide II

Vermintide 2 has you battling against both hordes of Skaven ratmen and the ranks of Chaos. Here's a run down of what we know about each so far.

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Vermintide II Developer Q&A

We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with game designer at Fatshark, Mats Andersson during the PC Gamer Weekender to ask him some questions. Find out what he had to say!

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Where does Vermintide II fit into Warhammer?

What exactly are the End Times? How does it fit in with the world of Warhammer? Let us help you unpack all things Vermintide II in this look at how the game fits into the extend universe!

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