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New Features In Vermintide II

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 carries on from where Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide left off. The plague of Skaven rat men is still swarming the land, but this time there are new threats to deal with, new locales to deal with them in, and new ways to deal death to these foes in the series’ signature four-player co-op battles. Here’s everything that is new about Vermintide 2:

Vermintide 2 Chaos

The major new element in Vermintide 2 is the addition of the Chaos faction. In Warhammer lore, these cruel and relentless enemies come from an alternate dimension known as Warp. They team up with the Skaven in Vermintide 2 to help them bring about the end of the world.

You will face burly and deadly Chaos Warriors, the disgusting, rotting Chaos Nurgle, and the mutated globs known as Chaos Spawn. Each of these humanoids represents a different grade of Chaos taint, and every type of Chaos troop you face will offer a different threat to the Skaven troops.

Vermintide 2 Career Paths

While all five heroes from the first game return to this sequel - Witch Hunter, Waywatcher, Empire Soldier, Dwarf Ranger, and Bright Wizard - each of them can be further diversified with Career Paths. Choosing from perks on a three-branch talent tree, you can specialise your role with each of these heroes, leaning into whatever best suits your playstyle or team composition.

Vermintide 2 Heroic Deeds

Acquired through the loot system, Heroic Deeds are a range of customisable quests that change the parameters on existing quests. Some of these will up the difficulty considerably, though they will also offer better rewards upon completion. One example could be a mission filled entirely with mini-bosses. Expect these to test your capabilities to their limits.

Vermintide 2 Setting

Surrounded on all sides by the Grey Mountains is Helmgart, a huge fortress that is the centrepiece of Vermintide 2’s new battlegrounds. As well as fighting inside the fortress itself, we will visit the lush jungles and fields surrounding it. The new setting is much brighter and more varied than the rat-infested alleyways of the first game.

Vermintide 2 Reworked Weapon System

The weapon system has been completely reworked for Vermintide 2, allowing you more control over your characters. Weapons now have traits and properties that can be customised by the player. If you want a stronger block, you can tweak that. If you are using a massive hammer, perhaps you want to increase its push-back value. The entire game will offer more opportunities to maximise and specialise, so you can truly create the character you want to play as.

Vermintide 2 Player Keep

Between missions, you will be able to relax and explore a keep on the outskirts of Helmgart. Rather than just being a place to kick back, you will also be free to personalise certain aspects of your home base.

Vermintide Superheavy Armour

A new type of armour has been confirmed for Vermintide 2. If you are a melee tank, you can don Superheavy armour. This special armour type will completely shrug off ranged attacks, allowing you to wade in and deal with archers without taking a scratch.