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Enemies You'll Be Facing In Vermintide II

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has you battling against both hordes of Skaven ratmen and the ranks of Chaos. The two factions have formed an alliance to expedite the end of the world, and it is up to you and your band of fighters to put a stop to their plans. You can read our Vermintide 2 heroes guide to get yourself ready for war, but you will also need to know exactly what you will be facing with your hero’s unique skills.

With that in mind, here are the Vermintide 2 enemies we know about so far. First up, it’s the Skaven Horde:


Clanrats form the bulk of the Skaven army, all matted fur, bloody gashes, sharp claws and teeth. Their weapons are scavenged from battlefields, their armour patched together from rags. Do not expect clever tactics from these foes, they will rush and attack with relentless stabs. Their strength lies in their overwhelming numbers.

Skaven Slaves

Skaven Slaves are the lowest of the low in the Skaven hierarchy. Their weapons are kitchen tools or blunt instruments cast aside. Their armour is non-existent. What makes them so dangerous is that they are more scared of their Skaven masters as they are you. Their strength is their desperation. They do not fear death by your blade, because it is better than being eaten by their kin.


These crested helm-wearing warriors are the fighting elite of the Skaven army. Armed with heavy halberds and decked in a flowing gold cloak, these do not use gear scavenged from the field. A clever warrior should attack the gaps in their armour and bring them down before they get chance to swing hard, before you are overwhelmed by their numbers. Stormvermin can often be found in patrolling bands. Sometimes it is best to avoid these elite units.

Gutter Runners

When you are caught fighting Clanrats and Skaven Slaves, keep an eye on your rear. Gutter Runners are the assassins of the Skaven army, using guerrilla tactics to surprise their foes while they are distracted. If you are caught by a Gutter Runner, you will be pinned to the ground as it tears into your flesh. If a Gutter Runner realises you have them made, they will vanish in a cloud of smoke then prime themselves for another attack.


The Packmasters of Clan Moulder are leaders who will drive vicious packs into a frenzied attack. They also come equipped with human catching devices. If you are caught away from your friends, they will hook these on to your neck and attempt to drag you away to be experimented on.

Warpfire Thrower

These come equipped with a warpfire tank, a combustion source, and a tube capable of spitting the ignited substance out like a flamethrower. Deal with these from a distance if you can.

Poison Wind Globadier

Equipped with armour and flesh-eating grenades, the Poison Wind Globadier is capable of deadly area of effect damage. Parties that are bunched up should be extra weary of these foes - particularly as they are not scared of killing their own to take down a target.

Ratling Gunner

These ratmen come strapped to a massive gatling gun that is capable of terrifying sustained fire. Fortunately, their huge equipment gives them very little mobility.

Rat Ogre

This ogre/rat hybrid is a towering danger that can tear apart a team in minutes. It has surprising speed for such a brawny brute. A party should focus all their energy on this massive beast, prioritising the target before it destroys you all.


The result of a genetic experiment, the Stormfiend is essentially a Rat Ogre fitted with heavy armour and a cannon.

Plague Monk

These fetid monks feel no pain and attack relentlessly. They are recognisable from their sodden robes and putrid odours.

Chaos Marauder

Chaos Marauders come in four variants, but they all share one thing in common: a seething hate for the Empire. These Viking-esque foes are dangerous fighters capable of using a variety of weapons. You can encounter them with light weapons, shields, heavy weapons, and even dual blades.

Chaos Warrior

Chaos Warriors are horned metal giants. Warriors encased in heavy armour, a Chaos Warrior loves only to kill. Not only do they possess superhuman strength, they also have the means to counterattack predictive enemies. Mix up your tactics and be ready to dodge its big swings.

Chaos Spawn

Chaos Spawn units are masses of bloating flesh. These surprisingly fast giants require four warriors attacking from all sides to take down. Come up against one alone and you will be stuffed into a gaping mouth lined with razor teeth.

Bile Troll

These giants are stupid but strong. Keep at a distance and chip away as a team, but keep away from its putrid, deadly bile spit.

Chaos Sorcerers

These magic users are undisciplined but also capable of conjuring up raw, unbridled power. Rotblood Sorcerers join their ranks - masses of rotten flesh that can afflict you with various debilitating status effects.