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How does Vermintide II fit into Warhammer Universe?

Vermintide II continues the storyline and setting of the original Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide. Fatshark takes you back to the world of Warhammer, to the End Times, and lets you go mad with weapon in hand against hordes of bustling Skaven rat-men and ravening Chaos hordes.

But what are the End Times? How does it fit in with the world of Warhammer? When does this rat smashing happen in the Warhammer timeline?

Where Is Vermintide Set?

Warhammer is set in a fantasy world - hence the name Warhammer Fantasy for the setting. It’s a vast world complete with continents of lush jungles, dark deserts, and the cold cold North.

There’s many civilizations and races struggling to exist in this world, many of which you’d recognise from well, being a human. Mankind covers the planet, and many of the civilizations of man run along historical lines you might know through our own history. Bretonnia is similar to medieval Europe, The Empire of Man has similarities with many early civilizations, and the Cathays are inspired by the Chinese and Asian civilizations that once ruled the East.

Into the mix are thrown a huge amount of non-human species, all of whom have their own agendas, own cities, own wants and desires. From wood-dwelling Elves, savage Lizardmen, even-more-savage Greenskins, Dwarves both light and dark, to undead armies and the forces of chaos. The world of Warhammer is eternally in conflict, for thousands of years war had ravaged the face of the planet and brutally cut short the destinies of millions.

But that’s nothing compared to what happened in The End Times.

Just What Are The End Times?

The End Times were prophesied to begin upon the arrival of the Twin-Tailed Comet, a herald of great change that could be seen over Warhammer’s world.

In the past, this portent had heralded monumental change in the world, this time it was the clarion call signalling the end of the world itself. The self-proclaimed champion of the four Gods of Chaos, the Lord of the End Times, the Three-Eyed King: Archaon was crowned the Everchosen, and with the start of his reign began the end of the Warhammer world as we know it.

A tide of Chaos forces, spurred on by Archaon, overran many outposts keeping watch over the frozen North and have swept down into the lands held by civilized peoples, slaughtering and burning as they go. Khorne warriors, renowned for their bloodlust and lack of fear, marched into the West to despoil and murder nations with their fury.

The Greenskins, always hunting for the next conflict, have erupted in their multitudes. The unthinkable finally happened, the Greenskins ceased their eternal war against each other, their never-ending bickering, and set out to destroy all they could. Their internal war has ended, and only the war against all other living species exists for them now. They have overrun the East, turning the lands held by the stalwart Dwarves into ash and death.

It is not only the forces above land which are causing terror to inhabit the hearts of all living things. The land itself is rising, in the form of the vicious and innumerable Skaven. They have risen from their tunnels, excavated over the course of many centuries, into every town, every city in the land. Nowhere is safe from the teeming hordes of the Skaven.

The world is ending, and the last vestiges of the forces of humanity, dwarfdom, and elfkind have fled to the central human cities in an attempt to repulse and fend off these incursions.

It’s into this melee that Vermintide II is set; you’re one of four heroes, and you’re going to defend yourself and your people ‘til the last.

So ready yourself, grab a weapon, and get swinging. The forces of Chaos and endless horde of Skaven are coming, and only you can stop them.