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GTFO's Development Roadmap

GTFO released in to early access on the 9th December and since then the hardcore coop shooter has recieved mostly positive praise from its players. But what’s next for the game? What should players expect to see during early access from developers 10 Chambers?

A roadmap for development has been detailed and although items within are subject to change it does give us a good idea of what to expect. 


One of the biggest asks has been for an in game matchmaking system so that players who don’t have a full team won’t need to rely on 3rd party tools such as Discord to find other players. This is something that’s currently being worked on, although there is no timeline for when it might be delivered. Along with matchmaking, in game voice chat is another area being developed to help bring a more cohesive co-operative experience in game.


Player progression and customisation is also on the cards and in a recent interview Simon Viklund described that many ideas were being thought of for customisation. For example, modding tools like the sentry turret to fire C-foam. Unfortunately specifics around what exactly to expect are scarce and subject to change. But the idea is to provide players with new and interesting ways of playing together. Not only that but we will see the addition of new weapons and tools. 


Expeditions are also due some attention with new versions being added, multilayered expeditions, rewards specific to certain expeditions and progression linked expeditions. As well as all of this there will also be new Warden objectives and mission types. Previously discussed were ideas of having to fight through a facility to turn off a power generator and then having to move back in complete darkness. Or having to collect air filters to allow you to move through areas with poisonous spores filling the air. The idea of evolving expeditions where the Complex itself changes as you play is a really interesting one and should create some great new challenges. 

Other Areas

Other areas that players should expect to see additions are with enemies although nothing specifically has been mentioned at this point. 

Then there are items more on the technical side of the game. Items such as gamepad support, updated animations, game optimisation. As well as steam achievements and other quality of life additions. 

One area that has real potential is the use of the terminals. Within the levels themselves players can access and interrogate terminals to provide them with information. As of right now that information is fairly limited giving you locations of keycards and some item lockers. But there is a great potential to expand on this and it is something 10 Chambers have on their roadmap. 

If you want to keep up to date with all the latest information on the roadmap including the status of individual items or updates then you can see that here

One of the keys to a successful period of early access is providing players with regular updates and communication and thus far 10 Chambers have been very clear about their plans and wanting to stick to the vision of GTFO they had.