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Archangel Hellfire: Multiplayer Modes

Several online-multiplayer modes are available and include: Team Deathmatch with 2v2 or 1v1 (PvP), and Cooperative Arena with 1-4 players. Archangel Hellfire features six different mech designs and destructible warzones, which when chosen strategically may create an advantage. Now mech enthusiasts can up the ante of the base game and team up for an intense, all-out deathmatch.

Cooperative Arena

It takes more than one mech to win a war, especially when the opposing faction is armed with mechs of the same caliber. Team up with an ally and fend off an enemy hoard in Cooperative Mode. Combat can get very explosive: Up to four mechs can unload their arsenal in the chosen warzone. Select your allies, faction, and battlefield wisely: strategy is key to victory.

Team Deathmatch

Take the war to any battlefield, sparks will fly as a team deathmatch ignites. Battle with an ally against an enemy duo in 2v2, or fight solo in PvP to ramp up your skills. Enemy factions fighting mech-on-mech is a volatile combo, and when mech classes (from light to heavy) are well-matched, the intense combat quickly becomes deadly.