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Archangel Hellfire: New Maps to Explore


Genesis Facility

is in an arid desert with balmy, ambient temperatures that average around 110F (43C). The area features plenty of verticality, as well as plenty of places to sneak up on enemies (or be snuck up on). The first HUMNX Mech R&D and Replication Facility was built here, and now the area will host total mech destruction.

Collins Base

Located deep in the freezing, snow-covered mountains where General Amanda Collins set up a new base of operations for USFF, it has since been compromised. Harsh weather carved deep gullies and pillars into the rocky landscape, making it an ideal battleground for battling mechs. Ambient temps reach 10F(-12C) on a good day: When Hell freezes over, climb into a mech’s cockpit and rain hellfire.

The following two maps will be added at launch:

Agrizone 96

As one of the largest and highest yield HUMNX Agrizone Terraform operations, it is an important resource for HUMNX to hold onto, and critical for USFF to destroy - coming soon.

Sanctuary Aftermath

The historic location of the last battle of Colonel Maddox and USFF Captain Walker - coming soon.