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Cuphead DLC - what we know so far

Cuphead exploded onto the gaming scene in a riot of projectiles, jazz, and beautiful animation. Now we’re on the cusp of getting a huge update to the game in the form of DLC, and here’s everything we know so far.

What is it?

Titled The Delicious Last Course, the expansion DLC to Cuphead promises to build on everything that makes the original game so great. New levels, new bosses, and even a new character await Cuphead players in this next update.

Release date

No information has yet been released about a firm date for Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course’s release, though it is currently slated to appear in 2020.

DLC Features

There’s a whole load of new stuff being added to Cuphead as part of the DLC. Here’s the rundown:

  • New playable character - Ms. Chalice joins Cuphead and Mugman as the third playable character. With a brand new moveset, new animations, a new look, and new abilities, Ms. Chalice will shake up how you play the game. Once you’ve unlocked her, you’ll be able to play her through not only the DLC but the original game as well.
  • New Inkwell Isle - A brand new island is being added as part of the DLC. Filled with new levels, bosses, and much more, it’s a whole new area to test your Cuphead skills against the most fiendish designs that Studio MDHR can think up.
  • New weapons and charms - Don’t fret, you don’t have to go unprepared. New weapons and charms await you in The Delicious Last Course, meaning you can unlock new best times on old bosses and use your new skills to take down the brand new challenges awaiting you.
  • New storyline - Chef Saltbaker needs your help in this brand new adventure, with the secret of the Legendary Chalice’s quest being your goal.

This means that it’s looking like the upcoming DLC for Cuphead will be full of brand new adventures and challenges all ready to test your skills to their limits. 

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