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Everything new in Cuphead since launch

It’s been two years since Cuphead launched, two years of beautiful animation, fiendish bosses, and amazing jazz. The developers at Studio MDHR haven’t rested on their laurels, they’ve been hard at work tweaking and improving Cuphead to make it the absolute best it can be.

Let’s take a look back over the last two years, and see just how far Cuphead has come.

Bug Fixes 

We all know that games are more complex than ever and as such some issues may slip through into the released game. Thankfully Studio MDHR have been squashing bugs from day one of the release, with fixes such as issues with Mr. Chimes disappearing off-screen, improvements to saving and loading, and even resolving some exploits like the ability to create a Mugman army.

The latest patch, 1.2.3, dropped in April of 2019, meaning that for two years Studio MDHR have been supporting and working on their game without stop.

Mac Release

Originally released onto the PC and Xbox One, Cuphead was a firm hit and a critical success. But what if you owned a Mac or didn’t have an Xbox? Thankfully in October of 2018 Studio MDHR were able to launch a brand new update to the game allowing full Mac integration, meaning even more players can now get their hands on some bullet hell boss rush action.

Nintendo Switch Release

Releasing onto the Mac hasn’t been the only goal of Studio MDHR, in April of 2019 they released Cuphead onto the Switch, meaning you can now get your Cuphead fill on the go. So the next time you’re commuting and seeing someone concentrating on their Switch, maybe they’re getting stuck into Baroness Von Bon Bon.

Netflix Show

You read that right, since launch Cuphead has been optioned for a Netflix cartoon series. Titled The Cuphead Show, we don’t have many details just yet, but we do know that it will be primarily aimed at kids but adults won’t feel left out either. 

Golly! A Free Content Update

The launch of patch 1.2 also saw Cuphead receive a cornucopia of new features. These include a character selection option allowing you to choose your character right from the outset, new fully animated cinematics, localisations in eleven languages, and loads of new animations, art, and updated appearances. It means even if you’ve played through Cuphead and managed to defeat its dastardly array of bosses, it’s time to head back in and see what’s new.

The Future

The new features and additions for Cuphead don’t just stop there, there’ll be new DLC on the way in 2020 titled The Delicious Last Course. For more info about that, head on over to our Cuphead DLC article, or if you just want more Cuphead news in your eyes check out our Cuphead hub.