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For Your Next Challenge after Cuphead

You did it, you jumped, you parried, you shot, you survived. Cuphead is completed, for now at least until the DLC drops in 2020.

But what next? Here’s our top picks of games to text your Cuphead skills on next, here’s where you can find your next challenge.

Hollow Knight

With a vast world to explore and platform your way through, Hollow Knight is a game that will test your platforming skills as well as your combat skills. Filled with fantastic bosses and layered with a beautiful art style, Hollow Knight might just scratch that Cuphead itch.


If precision platforming is your thing, then Celeste is the game to check out. One of the unique things about Celeste is that it truly allows you to play your way, if you want the game to be a little easier - say as a palate cleanser after diving deep into the hard waters of Cuphead - you can do just that. Or you can roll as-is, and see if you can conquer the trials of Celeste’s mountain adventure.

Ori and the Blind Forest

There are few games as gloriously beautiful both in sight and sound as Cuphead, but Ori and the Blind Forest is one of them. From start to finish it’s a visual and auditory feast for the senses, It’s not that it’s just great to look at though, Ori and the Blind Forest is a wide and deep platformer filled with some of the most memorable levels and bosses outside of Cuphead itself.

Cave Story+

A fan favourite for many years, Cave Story was remastered and re-released as Cave Story+, a huge sprawling adventure with many different endings, weapons, upgrade paths, and levels. Sharing Cuphead’s run and gun approach to completing levels as well as its penchant for stunning animation, Cave Story+ is a great follow up if you’re needing something more in Cuphead’s vein.

Super Meat Boy

Widely credited with kickstarting the modern indie game as well as the modern platformer, Super Meat Boy is a wide adventure filled with precise levels that require your utmost skills to conquer. If you found Cuphead to be exactly right difficulty-wise, Super Meat Boy may be your next port of call.


There are few games as fiendish as Ikaruga. A vertical bullet hell shooter, Ikaruga will test your skills, and then test them again, and maybe even a third time. Renowned as being one of the hardest but absolutely best games ever made, Ikaruga will see if what you learned from Cuphead can be transferred to another field of battle.

Titan Souls

Titan Souls sees you face off against a series of tough bosses, each with their own moves and patterns to memorise, and your only weapon is a bow and a singular arrow which you must retrieve if you wish to fire again. Each boss is unique and will push your skills to their limits, much like Cuphead did, so if you fancy some more boss action, Titan Souls may be for you.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells sees you slowly unlock and work your way through a series of levels, getting a little bit further each time. With great combat, precise platforming, and bosses and enemy design that’ll stick in your brain, it’s a huge game that’ll keep you busy for many hours while you wait for the next chapter in Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice’s adventures.

Mega Man 11

Combining the best of classic Mega Man action and design with modern sensibilities, Mega Man 11 is a storming return to form for the long running series. As Mega Man was such an important influence for Cuphead it’s only correct that your next game after finishing Cuphead’s challenges would be the next in the boss-heavy platforming classic series.

You may have defeated Cuphead’s challenges, but much more await you. Check out what’s next for Cuphead, or just learn more about the wonderful run and gun platformer over on our Cuphead hub.