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Catching up: Destiny's Story Explained

Author: Rob

Destiny at its core is a first person massively multiplayer online game (FPS-MMO). Developed by Bungie, who are most famous for the original Halo trilogy, Destiny takes the core game mechanics from Halo and builds upon them with epic loot systems, character classes and a truly operatic sci-fi universe. To get you up to speed, here is what happened during the events of Destiny.

Previously on Destiny….

Destiny’s story


The story of Destiny starts just after the ‘Golden Age’ of technological advancement. This is roughly around 700 years in the future where peace has spread across our solar system. A mysterious sphere, roughly the size of Earth’s moon arrives to Earth and starts terraforming other planets in our solar system to make them livable. Humanity names this sphere ‘The Traveler’ and takes advantage of its efforts and starts colonising on the other planets.

Not all is rosy however, as the Traveler (through no fault of its own) also lured The Darkness to the solar system. This in turn signalled something called ‘The Collapse’ and the start of an endless conflict with The Darkness. All of the colonies of each of the planets have been overrun and the only safe haven is the Last City on Earth which is located just under The Traveler. The Traveler at this time has sacrificed itself in order to save humanity from The Darkness threat and hovers, suspended and lifeless above the Last City.

From here players start the game as a Guardian. Guardians are Earth’s protectors who are able to harness a power called Light, which also is the fuel source used in order to revive The Traveler. The game starts and the player's mission is to harness enough light in order to revive The Traveler and defeat The Darkness once and for all.

Throughout the events of Destiny, players are able to restore The Traveler’s Light. First by putting a stop to a ritual which an alien race known as the Hive are conducting, which is siphoning light from The Traveler. The Guardians then soon learn of The Black Garden, a separate dimension that holds the heart of The Darkness which is guarded by The Vex a deadly Cybernetic alien race. The Black Garden in destroyed and The Traveler starts to heal.

The Dark Below

Destiny - The Dark Below
Destiny - The Dark Below

The first expansion pack for Destiny expanded on the story and focuses on Eris Morn, a simple Vendor located in the Last City. Eris has heard that the Hive God Crota is being resurrected in order to stop The Traveler and destroy the Milky Way once and for all. The story has the player fight through hordes of Hive and then come up against Crota himself in order to save the galaxy. Crota of course is destroyed and the Hive’s plans are foiled.

House of Wolves

Destiny - The House Of Wolves
Destiny - The House Of Wolves

A side story that focuses on the alien race known as The Awoken who reside in the Reef on the outskirts of the solar system. The House of wolves are a rebel force of Awoken led by Skolas, Kell of Kells who attempted to assassinate The Awoken Queen. The Queen opens a portal to The Reef in order for the Guardians to vanquish the House of Wolves once and for all.

The Guardians track Skolas across the solar system and eventually capture him on Venus where he is attempting to harness Vex technology in order to pull the House of Wolves through time in order to kill the Queen and obliterate The Awoken. Skolas is captured and executed ending the Wolf Rebellion.

The Taken King

Destiny - The Taken King
Destiny - The Taken King

The Third expansion for Destiny focuses again on Eris Morn. After the guardians defeated and killed the Hive God Crota, The God-King Oryx (known as The Taken King) is now out for revenge. Oryx has bought a Dreadnought, a huge Hive spaceship, into the solar system and has launched on invasion using The Taken. The Taken are beings that have been possessed by The Darkness and are now slaves to the Taken King himself. Thus started the infamous Taken War.

Eventually Oryx is defeated, but not all is won as Malok The Taken Prince, plans to take the thrown and continue what Oryx started. Malok is located at the Shrine of Oryx on the Moon and is killed on sight by the Guardians.

Rise of Iron

Destiny - The Rise Of Iron
Destiny - The Rise Of Iron

The fourth and final Destiny expansion followed the story of Lord Saladin, a former Iron Lord who plans to gather a new generation of Iron Lords in order to defeat the Fallen Devil Splicers, a race of alien who have managed to re-discover self-regenerating nanotechnology called SIVA, which allows organic beings to transform themselves into cyborgs.

After a long hard battle the Guardians are able to stop the SIVA virus from spreading through the Galaxy and manage to destroy the SIVA technology once and for all.

Destiny 2’s Story

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Now that you are all caught up on the story of Destiny, where does that leave us for Destiny 2? From the trailers we have seen, it appears as though we will witness an apocalyptic scale event, could this be The Taken massing a brand new attack or something much much bigger? You can find out more about what the future holds for Destiny 2 in our what’s new article.