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Final Fantasy 15's Best Recipies

Touring through Eos with the boys of Final Fantasy 15 gives you a good chance to get to know them, whether you are cruising down a dusty road and listening to classic Final Fantasy tunes, battling monsters, or chilling by a campfire.

Sit back, relax, and take a look through Prompto’s photographs of your daily expeditions, and sample the culinary delights of Ignis, your resident chef. Final Fantasy 15 may make you feel nostalgic for the older games with its music collection, but Ignis’ cooking will only achieve one thing: it will make you feel hungry. So come with Green Man Gaming on a belly-teasing tour of Final Fantasy 15’s coolest recipes.

Memory Cake

Everyone loves cake, right? Well, Memory Cake is one of hero Noctis’s favourite dishes. Skip the main and go straight to dessert to get a quick AP boost and a 100% increase in skill bar recovery speed. This dish is best for magic users because it adds 500 to magic but nullifies strength. Learn the recipe by heading the Galdin Quay.

Longwythe's Peak

This is one of the ultimate meals in Final Fantasy 15 because of the stat increases it offers. It increases your attack power by 600 and adds 4,000 to your HP. To unlock it, head to the Three Valleys area in Leide and search the cabin there for the Oric's Culinary Chronicles Entry 8: The Hero of Saxham book. It will only appear once you have finished the main story, however.

Lasagna Al Forno

Another powerful dish that is relatively easy to unlock. All you need to do to unlock it is get Ignis’ cooking skill to level 9, then you will be able to chow it down for a 4,000 HP boost and an effect that nullifies all (yes, all) elemental damage for a time.

Multi-Meat Sandwich

You unlock this meaty snack early on in the game, but it is invaluable for boosting your party early on. That is because it gives you a 20% bonus to any experience earned. Explore the first area of the game, fight monsters, and you will soon have enough ingredients to make this dish whenever you want.

Mother and Child Rice Bowl

Once you feel like you have eaten enough Multi-Meat Sandwiches, it is time to upgrade. As well as giving you a 30% boost to experience, this meal adds 50% to enemy drop rate and 1,000 HP. That makes it ideal for farming experience and items while also giving you a little boost to your lastability in battle. To unlock it, head to the far North West corner of the Lestallum map. Near the periscopes, a young woman is tucking into this meal at a table. Get close and Ignis will learn the recipe.

Cup Noodles

While this might be a savvy bit of product placement on Square Enix’s part, we all like some instant noodles when we are feeling lazy, right? The ingredients for this are easy to come by, and learning the recipe is simply a case of doing the Gladiolus side missions that appear near the Cup Noodle truck in Lilliam. It gives you a 20% experience boost, 500 HP, and an 80 increase to your attack power.