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All Of The Traders & Items In Hunter's Arena: Legends To Spend Your Coin On

No hunter is alone in the world of Hunter’s Arena: Legends. Even if you’re fighting against deadly monsters and powerful players, you’ll have a few allies you can rely on to help boost your effectiveness and give you a bit of a helping hand in your fight. 

They come in the form of merchants who will help sell you items, weapons, and other equipment so you can be the best hunter possible and survive to become the victor.

In Hunter’s Arena: Legends there are many merchants, equipment, and items that can enhance your game. Here’s the rundown of what you’ll see as you explore the world and battle for supremacy.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends Merchants

As you explore the world you’ll encounter various merchants who will be happy to sell you equipment, boosting items, or other benefits that can make the difference between life and death. Here’s who you can bump into on your adventure.

  • Equipment merchant - Sells weapons and equipment that can provide an early game advantage.
  • Advanced equipment merchant - Sells legendary equipment which require Pure Power Crystals to purchase.
  • Glider station - Lets you use a glider to quickly cross the map.
  • General merchant - Stocked with strong potions that can really help you out in a pinch.
  • Equipment enhancer - Powers up your equipment in exchange for Power Crystals.
  • Skill instructor - Teaches your hunter their Ultimate ability once you reach level 20.
  • Horse merchant - Sells saddles and horse medallions.
  • Peddler - A variety of items are available from this wandering merchant.
  • Merchant Odong - Pops up randomly on the battlefield to sell special items at a great discount.

Items and Equipment

Now you know who to buy your items from, here’s the items and equipment you’ll be able to buy, loot, or find across the map.


Each hunter can equip five pieces at a time, and many can be upgraded from the equipment enhancer - with the exception of the Early Game Weapons./

Physical Attack Weapons

  • Silent Slayer’s Judgment - Normal Tier
  • Sighing Slayer’s Judgment - Rare Tier
  • Proud Slayer’s Judgment - Unique Tier
  • Noble Slayer’s Judgment - Heroic Tier
  • Glorious Slayer’s Judgment - Legendary Tier

Skill Attack Weapons

  • Silent Conqueror’s Condemnation - Normal Tier
  • Sighing Conqueror’s Condemnation - Rare Tier
  • Proud Conqueror’s Condemnation - Unique Tier
  • Noble Conqueror's Condemnation - Heroic Tier
  • Glorious Conqueror’s Condemnation - Legendary Tier

Physical and Skill Attack Weapons

  • Silent Destroyer’s Frenzy - Normal Tier
  • Sighing Destroyer’s Frenzy - Rare Tier
  • Proud Destroyer’s Frenzy - Unique Tier
  • Noble Destroyer’s Frenzy - Heroic Tier
  • Glorious Destroyer’s Frenzy - Legendary Tier

Early Game Weapons

  • Restricted Punishing Sword – Rare
  • Restricted Purifying Sword – Rare
  • Restricted Lustrious Sword – Rare
  • Silent Slayer’s Judgment – Normal
  • Silent Conqueror’s Judgment – Normal
  • Silent Destroyer’s Judgment – Normal


  • Silent Headgear - Normal Tier
  • Sighing Headgear - Rare Tier
  • Proud Headgear - Unique Tier
  • Noble Headgear - Heroic Tier
  • Glorious Headgear - Legendary

Physical Defence Chestplates

  • Silent Guardian’s Honor - Normal Tier
  • Sighing Guardian’s Honor - Rare Tier
  • Proud Guardian’s Honor - Unique Tier
  • Noble Guardian’s Honor - Heroic Tier
  • Glorious Guardian’s Honor - Legendary Tier

Skill Defence Chestplates

  • Silent Pathfinder’s Creed - Normal Tier
  • Sighing Pathfinder’s Creed - Rare Tier
  • Proud Pathfinder’s Creed - Unique Tier
  • Noble Pathfinder’s Creed - Heroic Tier
  • Glorious Pathfinder’s Creed - Legendary Tier

Physical Accessories

  • Broken Heroic Ring - Normal Tier
  • Sturdy Heroic Ring - Rare Tier
  • Exquisite Heroic Ring - Unique Tier
  • Blazing Heroic Ring - Heroic Tier
  • Radiant Heroic Ring - Legendary Tier

Skill Accessories

  • Broken Sage’s Necklace - Normal Tier
  • Sturdy Sage’s Necklace - Rare Tier
  • Exquisite Sage’s Necklace - Unique Tier
  • Blazing Sage’s Necklace - Heroic Tier
  • Radiant Sage’s Necklace - Legendary Tier


Consumables can be found sold by merchants or after defeating monsters, and are all consumed after use so be sure you want to use them.


  • Potion Replenisher - Replenishes potions
  • Lesser HP Potion - Heals the user.
  • Regular HP Potion - Stronger heal.
  • Greater HP Potion - Strongest heal.
  • Max Stamina Potion - Recovers your maximum stamina.

Throwable Items

  • Bomb - Explodes causing damage.
  • Flare - Blinds enemies.
  • Aggro Bomb - Taunts enemies.
  • Smoke Bomb - Creates a smoke screen.


  • Human Trap - Temporarily immobilises an enemy.
  • Horse Trap - Kills any horse that wanders in.

Movement Items

  • Glider Summoning Stone - Summons a glider.
  • Horse Medallion - Summons a horse which can be ridden by two players.
  • Saddle - Tames a wild horse.


  • Snowplains Treasure Map - Marks the chest location in the Snowplains.
  • Badlands Treasure Map - Marks the chest location in the Badlands.
  • Volcanic Belt Treasure Map - Marks the chest location in the Volcanic Belt.
  • Woodland Treasure Map - Marks the chest location in the Woodland.

Potential Ability Items

  • Random Option Scroll - Imbues equipment with a Special Option.
  • Fixed Option Scroll (Fire) - Imbues equipment with extra fire damage.
  • Fixed Option Scroll (Ice) - Imbues equipment with weapon defense/attack power debuff.
  • Fixed Option Scroll (Desert) - Imbues equipment with skill defense/attack power debuff.
  • Fixed Option Scroll (Woodland) - Imbues equipment with leech.

Stat Items

  • XP (Minor) Book - Grants 420 experience points.
  • Weapon Attack Power (Minor) Book - Increases weapon power by 10.
  • Weapon Defense Power (Minor) Book - Increases weapon defense by 5.
  • Skill Attack Power (Minor) Book - Increases skill attack by 10.
  • Skill Defense Power (Minor) Book - Increases skill defense by 5.
  • Max HP (Minor) Book - Increases maximum HP by 125.
  • Weapon Attack Power (Major) Book - Increases weapon power by 20.
  • Weapon Defense Power (Major) Book - Increases weapon defense by 10.
  • Skill Attack Power (Major) Book - Increases skill attack by 20.
  • Skill Defense Power (Major) Book - Increases skill defense by 10.
  • Max HP (Major) Book - Increases maximum HP by 250.


  • Gold - Used to purchase items.
  • Power Crystal - Used to enhance equipment, obtained by dismantling items.
  • Pure Power Crystal - Enhances equipment or purchases legendary equipment, found by defeating powerful enemies.

With all this information under your belt you should be ready for almost anything in Hunter’s Arena: Legends, but before you go, why not head over to our game hub and keep the knowledge flowing.