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How Classic Arcade Games Have Inspired Mortal Blitz

Author: Rob

If you are a fan of classic style arcade shooters then we can’t recommend Mortal Blitz enough. As soon as you jump into this VR world, you get the same feeling you do when you jump into arcade shooters such as Time Crisis, House Of The Dead and even the Die Hard 2 light gun game on the PlayStation 1.

What Mortal Blitz Shares With Classic Arcade Shooters

Mortal Blitz and arcade games like Time Crisis have a lot of game mechanics in common. Both are reliant on the player physically pointing and aiming a light gun/VR controller at oncoming enemies and letting them have it with a barrage of bullets. Time Crisis is the closest example that we can come up with when describing Mortal Blitz, as not only is it about shooting, it’s also about taking cover as well.

The later Time Crisis games encourage the player to take cover by simply pressing down a pedal. In Mortal Blitz, cover is essential to survival as well, however as this is a VR game, instead of pressing a pedal you physically have to crouch down behind cover and choose your opening. This not only makes the game more immersive, it also saves you from the ache in your ankle you get from hovering over the cover pedal for too long.

Evolving Classic Arcade Shooting Mechanics

On the subject of using cover to your advantage, one of the great things that Mortal Blitz allows you to do is blind fire over cover. This is a mechanic that games such as Time Crisis could benefit from doing, should they ever break into the realms of VR. Mortal Blitz also goes the extra mile by taking arcade game mechanics and evolving them to make a more interactive experience.

Most arcade shooters put the player on rails, this means the screen moves whilst the player aims and shoots at the enemies. This is great for arcade games, but when it comes to a VR experience this is probably more of a recipe for nausea. Mortal Blitz has evolved this mechanic by letting the player control where they go. Once you have cleared a room of bad guys you are then given the opportunity to warp to the next area to either flip a switch, open a door, or prepare yourself for the next wave of enemies.

One of the biggest advantages Mortal Blitz has over most arcade shooters is that it uses VR controls, which means that the developers have more buttons at their disposal as opposed to just having a light gun with one trigger. Instead of firing in random directions in order to reload your gun, this can easily be achieved at the click of a button. Mortal Blitz also adds some new gameplay mechanics thanks to the use of the VR controls, such as the ability to flick switches, , dual wield weapons, pick up items and drag enemies towards you in order to execute a groggy finish.

Mortal Blitz gets a lot of inspiration from classic arcade shooters, so much so that we think it is the next evolution of the arcade shooter. If you’re looking for the closest thing to a VR Time Crisis, Mortal Blitz is for you.