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What Is Mortal Blitz?

Author: Rob

Mortal Blitz is a sci-fi shooter from Korean developer Skonec that has been dubbed by the developer as a whole new first person VR experience. If you like arcade games such as Time Crisis then this is the ultimate VR game for you.

The Story Behind Mortal Blitz

Players take on the role of an ex F.O.R.C.E government elite soldier, whose main mission is to stop the evil plans of the Dominion. The Dominion are an evil corporation who will stop at nothing to take over the world by any means possible.

Players will come up against a whole manner of enemies, from human soldiers to the horrifying genetic experiments. Mortal Blitz combines adrenaline fulled shooting experience with elements of sci-fi horror. This makes for the perfect formula to keep any gamer on their toes. Mortal Blitz is the ultimate shooter experience that anyone can pick up and play.

Who Are Skonec?

Based in Korea, Skonec are a game development team that pride themselves on developing the ultimate virtual reality shooting game. The team have developed an optimised VR engine this prevents motion sickness and has an applied gun shooting system that is directly mapped to the user. This means players can experience a high quality shooting game that reacts to their every movement.

Skonec has also developed the 'Groggy System' where players are able to grab opponents who are in a groggy state and throw them up in the air in order to pummel them with a many bullets as humanly possible. This system is not only satisfying, but a lot of fun to do once you get the hang of it

Mortal Blitz is a must play for anyone. Whether you are playing VR for the first time or you are after for a fast paced action packed shooting game, this title is perfect for you.