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Your Guide to a Perfect Groggy Finish

Author: Alex M

Mastering the Groggy Finish is the way to survive, thrive, and murder with wild abandon in the violent corridors of Mortal Blitz.

If you're new to Mortal Blitz, or haven't been able to pull off a Groggy Finish yet, then sit down and pull up a VR chair, and let us explain what Groggy Finishes are all about.

What is a Groggy Finish?

When you're blasting away at the forces of the Dominion's Teratoma Destruction Plan, if you do enough damage to an enemy but you don't kill it, they'll enter a groggy state. You'll notice this because they'll stop shooting at you, giving you a few seconds of blessed relief. They'll sway back and forth and you'll have a slim chance to entrap them into a Groggy Finish.

Swap to your hand instead of a gun, aim at the enemy, and then whip them into the sky. The game will go into slow motion allowing you a few moments to blast the ragdolling baddie as they float through the air. As the bullets strike their limp airborne corpse, they'll die giving you the satisfaction of a well achieved Groggy Finish.

What does a Groggy Finish do?

'Why do a Groggy Finish' you ask? Well let me tell you, in handy bullet point form:

  • It's cool
  • You get a slowmo effect meaning you can avoid further damage
  • When you kill an enemy in Mortal Blitz during a Groggy Finish, they drop health
  • Did we mention it's cool?
  • No seriously, it's cool.

The main benefit of a Mortal Blitz Groggy Finish is the health drops. You can regain health by hiding back in cover, but that's really the coward's way out. Who wants to hide from enemies when you can blast them into pieces and throw them about in slowmo? That's the true winner's way, and the way you'll best master Mortal Blitz.

Things to Remember When Groggy Finishing

It's important to remember to suck up all the health that pours out of enemies once you've successfully performed a Groggy Finish, as you won't automatically get the health that comes from them.

It can be tricky to switch your weapons in the middle of battle to grab hold of an enemy to fling them in the air for a Groggy Finish, but that's something that'll come with practice. Get used to flicking the Vive controller buttons over so that you can flick the enemies into the air without losing momentum with your kills.

You might need to switch a hand out to your hand, then back to a gun to finish off the enemy, then back to a hand to grab the health on the floor. That's something that only familiarity with the game's controls and systems will provide, so keep practicing and you'll get there!

With a bit of time and practice, you'll soon be lobbing enemies all over the bullet-ridden corridors of Mortal Blitz with health pouring out all over the floor, ready to be hoovered up into your bullet-ridden body.

Once you've mastered the Groggy Finish, Mortal Blitz will become a great deal easier and you'll be able to spend time outside of cover for longer meaning your damage will be higher as a result.

So go, take what you've learned, strap your goggles on, and kill some baddies because Mortal Blitz awaits, and it's time to get killing.