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The Environment is Your Friend

Author: Alex M

Mortal Blitz is a fast paced VR shooter where you're assaulted by hordes of enemies. It's tight, taught, and if you're not prepared you'll be in trouble. The game is easy to pick up, you take the guns and you shoot the baddies. But there's nuance and depth to the game's systems, such as the Groggy Finish we mentioned in another of our guides.

Another place that Mortal Blitz's mechanics shine is in your interactions with the world itself, you're surrounded by objects you can use to defend yourself or defeat your foes with flair and panache. And also cower like a coward in cover, but you're not going to do that, right?

This is Green Man Gaming's guide to Mortal Blitz, and how the environment is your friend.


This is vital and something that the game will tell you about when you're playing. Hurt? Can't pull off a Groggy Finish? Then get behind some cover, stat! You'll recover health back there, but you'll also be vulnerable to grenade tosses and also enemies trying to flank you.

It's important to know when you've had enough and you need to duck behind cover, but also important to remember that you'll have to pop out and you can't stay behind there forever.

Keep an eye on your notifications so if you get told you're low on health, get into cover as soon as possible. And remember, this is a VR game, so getting into cover is easy, just duck!

Physics Objects

Mortal Blitz doesn't make a huge deal of it, but each level is littered with crates and boxes that you can use offensively against the tides of foes that you'll encounter.

If you've played games with physics grappling tools like Half Life 2 or Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, you'll be familiar with how this works.

If not, this is the lowdown: switch to your hand which is your tool for manipulating the world around you, and grab a box by holding down fire. Release fire to send the box hurtling towards an enemy, sending them bowling over like feisty skittles. Well done, you're now a physics master!

This is something you can employ to your benefit when you're reloading, when you're caught unaware, when a Groggy Finish has gone wrong and you've still got your weapon tucked away, when you're trying to grab something and enemies burst out. It means that even when you don't have an offensive weapon to hand, there's offensive weapons all around you.


You won't be tossing grenades around with wild abandon, but your foes certainly will. But don't worry, you don't have to just sit there and take them.

Well you do, but you can take them, then toss them back.

It works exactly the same way as dealing with physics objects, in Mortal Blitz you can grab hold of incoming grenades and throw them right back at the flinging fools who stand before you. Just be warned that grenades won't hang about waiting for you to deal with them and they have a habit of going off in your face.

So the lesson here is: grab the grenade, throw the grenade, laugh as your foes explode into little meaty bits.


If you've played any first person shooters in your life then you'll know all about barrels in games.

Mortal Blitz's barrels work the same, you shoot them and they'll explode, hopefully catching a few enemies in their explosion radius.

So it's important that when you're playing Mortal Blitz that you keep an eye out for barrels, because if you're getting overwhelmed by the many enemies, you can pop a few bullets into a nearby barrel and then bam, fewer enemies.


That's our guide to using the environment to your advantage. Mortal Blitz can be frantic, and filled with dangers, but if you take the world as your ally there'll be no beating you. Go warrior, go kill, and shoot the heck out of some enemies. Mortal Blitz awaits!