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Duo and Squad Modes

Author: Karl

Now you have friends to assist. More eyes, more noise, more mouths to feed. You will no doubt need to change your chosen landing spots to accommodate more players as you will need more guns and equipment. With members on your team will you will need to take into consideration the following:

Sharing is caring

Share your gear, make sure everyone has equal meds, ammo, guns. If one dies and he has all the meds, how will you retrieve them without dying too? If you have someone who is good with a sniper and you found one, let them have it, no point being greedy, could cost you that dinner. You can take the second rifle that will fall in your lap later.

Compass directions

You’ve spotted an enemy, you yell over voice chat to your friends, “enemy squad to our left" problem is, your teams left is your right. Everyone is panicking and getting shot, your squad wipes with only you seeing the enemy. Compass directions assist in pinpointing enemy locations, these are only helpful however, when your squad are near you, if your squad members are more than 5-10 meters away their bearings would be slightly different. Use compass bearings, generalisation, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W & NW as well as landmarks to isolate their location for your friends. Their point of views will always be different so rocks/trees may block their view, take this into consideration.

Taking out an enemy squad

You’ve spotted an enemy squad, you need to eliminate them, how is best to do so? Should you open fire and hope for the best? No, use your squad. There are many, many ways in which you can do this however, the tried and tested method is to have 1 or 2 of your unit flank the enemy positions left and right where applicable. Just be sure to watch out for their flankers.

Split your team berween two vehicles


Placing all your eggs in one basket may be the wrong move in certain situations, where possible, split your team between two vehicles. Having 4 people in a Dacia will prove to be fatal when you run into another squad, the quickest method to take out 4 guys in a car is to blow up the vehicle. Two vehicles gives you a backup incase one is flipped, wheels are shot out or if you run out of fuel.

Clear the airways

In the final circles make sure your squad communication is minimal, no general chit chat, you have dinner to win. Keep it short n sweet, to the point.

Take one for the team

Just because they are your friend, does not mean they are worth saving. Only save downed teammates when you are confident you will not be killed doing so. Smokes can help in these situations as can a well placed flashbang. On occasion it may be beneficial to sacrifice a team member as a decoy, which only takes one of you to win it for the team but do not waste the opportunity.

If a teammate is down in the blue zone, unless it is the first or second zone, do not bother to revive, it is highly unlikely that they will live long enough to med up and survive, you will only cause yourself damage that you will need to waste meds to heal.

Do not fear

Even after all these tips and suggestions, do not feel that you must take part in the action, some chicken dinners have been won without firing a shot. The beauty of this game is that it can be played in so many ways, there is no right way, remember to have fun and enjoy that dinner.