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Zombies and Monsters in Resident Evil 7

by Rob Bunce

Probably one of the most asked question by Resident Evil fans is; “Will Resident Evil 7 have Zombies?”. Zombies and grotesque monsters are some of the most iconic enemies in the Resident Evil franchise and the series wouldn’t be where it is today without them.

The simple answer to this is, yes. The developers and recent video have confirmed that there will be monsters in Resident Evil 7. Here is a brief glimpse at what can only be described as an monstrosity. Check out the video below.

Recently, the games press were able to get some hands on time with Resident Evil 7, about four hours worth to be exact. It has been confirmed that the above monster has been dubbed a ‘Moulder’ Monster and a number of them are held in the Baker Family basement.

Unfortunately Capcom have remained relatively tight lipped when it comes to most of the enemies in Resident Evil 7. So far they have only revealed the Baker Family and the ‘Moulder’ monsters. The Baker family, who on the surface seem to be relatively human. This could potentially change as the story of the game progresses however, as we have seen members of the baker family manage to perform very un-human like things. The baker Family could of even maybe injected themselves with a new type of virus in order to get enhanced strength and other abilities. Check out the video below to check out just how inhuman Jack baker is.

So it seems the Baker Family could be slowly evolving into some sort of T/G - Virus experiment. or they may have been infected by a new type of ‘Plaga’ parasite. This is all just speculation at the moment so it will be interesting to see if any of these theories could be true once the game is released.

It has also been hinted at in the video’s released by capcom that the player may come face to face with some more supernatural enemies. Could we finally be getting ghosts and the paranormal coming into the Resident Evil franchise? Some video may suggest yes, as players have come across a ghost girl in the Beginning hour demo.

Boss fights in Resident Evil 7 have also been confirmed. After the 4 hour demo members of the press got to play, they experienced a number of boss fights. Even Though not much information has been given in regards to the details of the boss fights, we can only assume, looking back at other resident evil game, that they may involve either some sort of nasty monster or some virally enhanced human being.

We will have more information about the zombies and monsters of Resident Evil 7 once more information about the gamer surfaces.

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