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Stable Orbit Perihelion Update

By Gina Lees

Research Contracts

Earn rewards by completing some or all the research contracts offered to you. Some contracts will offer easy money, while others may offer big wins – but only if you can accept them before they expire! Some contracts require that you install specific upgrades in your laboratories or first reach a higher science level before you can accept them.

Module Unlocks and Upgrades

Unlock new, larger, modules as well as upgrades that can be installed on (some) modules. Upgrades come in two forms: “standard” upgrades, which can be installed at will and “special” upgrades, of which only one can be installed per module. Standard upgrades include things like capacity boosters for your storage modules. Special upgrades allow you to do things like specialize your laboratories for research in one particular area e.g. pharmaceutical research. The Perihelion update introduce a number of these upgrades, with even more coming in future updates.

Waste Management

Another resource to manage and balance against the other needs of the station. Let too much waste pile up and living conditions in the station will deteriorate and your crew will abandon the station. On the other hand, waste is a resource not to be wasted, as the new Waste Recycling module will allow you to extract water, partially closing the loop on that resource.

Module Intersection Detection

Up to now, modules could be placed on any free CBM, even if placing a module there would cause it to intersect with other parts of the station. This has now been fixed.

What’s next

The update after Perihelion will be called ‘Blackout’ and will be include the Orbital Management and Disasters & Events features from the roadmap. Following that will be ‘Umbilical’, adding the Advanced Truss Structures and Pressurized Mechanics features. Finally, ‘Zenith’ will round up all outstanding features, ultimately leading to the game becoming the official “1.0” release.

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Stable Orbit Electrolysis Update

The following Stable Orbit updates are all included in the latest build - All features are the result of player feedback, so thank you to everyone for playing, and let us know what you think of this latest update. A full changelog can be found in game.


Stable Orbit Updates

Stable Orbit is an Early Access title, meaning that the game is still in active development. The roadmap in this article outlines what is available in the game now and which features are still planned for future updates.


Stable Orbit Vector Update Q&A with Jim Offerman

A new update for stable orbit is right around the corner! So we took the time to ask the games developer, Jim Offerman, a few questions about the update and all his thoughts about journeying into space.