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Stable Orbit Updates

by Rob Bunce and Gina Lees

Stable Orbit is an Early Access title, meaning that the game is still in active development. The roadmap below outlines what is available in the game now and which features are still planned for future updates. While the roadmap explains what we have in mind for the game, the reason for Stable Orbit to be in Early Access is that the ultimate course of the game may be changed in response to the feedback from you, the player.

Stable Orbit roadmap
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Stable Orbit Electrolysis Update

The following Stable Orbit updates are all included in the latest build - All features are the result of player feedback, so thank you to everyone for playing, and let us know what you think of this latest update. A full changelog can be found in game.


Stable Orbit Vector Update

The latest update for Stable Orbit is called Vector and is now available via Steam. In this post, I’d like to update you on what I have been working on lately and detail the features I still have planned for Vector.


Stable Orbit Vector Update Q&A with Jim Offerman

A new update for stable orbit is right around the corner! So we took the time to ask the games developer, Jim Offerman, a few questions about the update and all his thoughts about journeying into space.