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For Honor Characters: Vanguards Class

The three factions in For Honor (Knights, Vikings and Samurais) are made up of heroes. These For Honor heroes are assigned a class, which makes them unique and define their abilities and key attributes in a battle.

They are well-balanced heroes and the playable characters of the For Honor campaign mode. With an impressive attack, but equally great defence, the For Honor Vanguard class are able to move swiftly, but stand their ground. The ideal characters for beginners, each Vanguard is extremely versatile in battle and can adapt to duels as well as brawls.

The class system gives players the freedom to play across factions, without restrictions to losing out on benefits some factions/heroes/classes may offer. Even across the For Honor Vanguard class, each hero has distinct advantages and disadvantages. As the game progresses, players collect loot and advance their players, also making them customisable, with a freedom of choice on gender, colour scheme and weapon aesthetics.

For Honor Raider

For Honor - Raider holding an axe

Found at the front of battle, they are defining the hack in this hack and slash game. Mirroring their wildness, The Raider sports tribal tattoos and plenty of leather, embodying the raw bravery and unstoppable intent in tearing down foes.

For Honor Kensei

For Honor - Kensei in combat

The For Honor story for the Kensei, is the closest that the game gets to honourable. They are the masters of martial arts and are trained from a young age to take on the Samurai way of life and deploy meaning behind their skills. Dressed in heavy armour, they spend their lives striving for perfection that few warriors ever reach. They are armed with the Nodachi, a longer version of the Katana. With special skills including chain attacks and high heavy devastating blows, The Kensei is well adapted to the art of war.

For Honor Warden

For Honor - The Warden holding a great sword

Powerful, noble warriors with the best intentions of protecting the land and staying faithful to the Iron Legion. You can expect to take on a character that knows the balance between defence and offence. They are expected to embody the highest values of the Knighthood and take into battle high morals.

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What we know about The Samurais

The For Honor Samurais have a pretty harrowing backstory and as they struggle against the other factions, their clan has slowly whittled down over the years.

Green Man Gaming

What we know about The Knights

Probably the most popular characters in the For Honor factions, The Knights are the general all rounders of the group. Built to withstand sharp blows and just as effective in dealing them.

Green Man Gaming

The inspiration behind For Honor

Gritty historical and fantasy themed film and TV contributed to the look and feel of the game, with the Creative Director behind the game referencing Game of Thrones, 300, Conan the Barbarian, Vikings and Seven Samurai.

Green Man Gaming