What we know about For Honor: The Samurais

by Gina Lees

The For Honor Samurais have a pretty harrowing backstory and as they struggle against the other factions, their clan has slowly whittled down over the years. They must rely on stealth and be super cunning in order to blind and overcome their enemies.

The Kensei (Vanguard Class)


Special capabilities:

  • High heavy attacks are unblockable
  • Many maneuvers and attacks initiate chain attacks

Difficulty to master: Medium


  • Able to attack from afar, the For Honor Kensei can be highly elusive, dodging attacks left and right.
  • The Kensei is versatile and can also perform slow and calculated attacks, which gives him a great mix of abilities. You need to be slow and patient with his attacking power.


  • Difficult to master, the For Honor Kensei requires patience and accurately timed attacks.
  • They lack speed compared to others in the For Honor Vanguard class.

The Orochi (Assassin Class)


Special capabilities:

  • Very fast light attacks
  • Dodges into faster attacks
  • Deflect abilities

Difficulty to master: Hard


  • Speed and agility is The Orochis best attribute, as they lunge quickly and carefully
  • They are great at deflecting attacks and brilliant at counter attacks.


  • Although they are one of the best and most underrated of the For Honor characters, the damage they inflict is low due to their weapon and their stance is easily monitored by enemies.
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