What we know about For Honor: The Vikings

by Gina Lees

You probably want to know the benefits behind playing as a Viking in For Honor? Well, there are plenty, especially if you’re fighting style is hack rather than slash. We’ve outlined the pros and cons of the For Honor Vikings fighting style so you can decide for yourselves.

The Berserker (Assassin Class)

The Beserker

Special capabilities:

  • Some attacks can hit multiple targets in a row
  • Charging attacks that harass opponents
  • Deflect ability

Difficulty to master: Hard


  • In your face fighting style, unavoidable and dominant in the battle arena
  • Pretty savage, they love combat, think up close and personal in a battle
  • Short-range fast attacks, which are driven by a thirst for success
  • Special capabilities include hitting multiple targets and a supreme deflect ability


  • Less defensive, they don’t have heavy armour and their first instinct is not to defend themselves.
  • A forward dash attack which can be predictable for enemies

The Raider (Vanguard Class)

The Raider

Special capabilities:

  • Unblockable zone attack useable in all chain attacks
  • Stun attacks and throws
  • Strong, versatile throw attacks

Difficulty to master: Easy


  • Deal high damage and focused blows to enemies
  • Easy to master and play as, The Raider has a disabling fighting style
  • Their special capabilities include strong, versatile throws, which stun opponents.


  • Due to his slow nature, it is possible to dodge his attacks and counter attacks. Some of the lighter characters will be able to get some jabs in, but stay focussed and make each hit count.
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