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For Honor: 5 Online Multiplayer Modes

Not only is there an immersive campaign story for you to hack and slash your way through, but For Honor also has a multiplayer option. You can play as your favourite hero in five For Honor multiplayer modes, across three maps, with more on there way. Ubisoft have recently announced that they have removed the split-screen option, which was a popular feature at the games initial preview. However, the creators have had to remove this feature, so as not to sacrifice the game’s quality. Read all about the multiplayer options below,


Dominion is a 4v4 objective-based mode in which two teams of four players fight for control of the battlefield. It’s a mode that relies upon skill, communication and teamwork. You can revive your team mate in this mode, but it takes time to revive, so make sure that your not being attacked when you do this.


Brawl 2v2: Each team of two players need to kill the two enemy Heroes to win a round. Skill, awareness, cooperation and the capacity to use the environment to the player’s advantage are key components.


Duel 1v1 puts two Heroes face-to-face in a fight to the death. Skill is fundamental in Duel of course, but as in Brawl, players have the possibility to use the environment to their advantage.


Skirmish is a 4v4 Team Death Match like mode. Combat skills are key in this mode as players score points for their team by killing enemy Heroes.


In this 4v4 mode, the last surviving player on the battlefield wins the round for their team.

With more maps to be announced, we’ll keep you updated on the latest and greatest in For Honor. Release date is February 2017. See you on the battlefield!

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What we know about The Samurais

The For Honor Samurais have a pretty harrowing backstory and as they struggle against the other factions, their clan has slowly whittled down over the years.

Green Man Gaming

What we know about The Knights

Probably the most popular characters in the For Honor factions, The Knights are the general all rounders of the group. Built to withstand sharp blows and just as effective in dealing them.

Green Man Gaming

The inspiration behind For Honor

Gritty historical and fantasy themed film and TV contributed to the look and feel of the game, with the Creative Director behind the game referencing Game of Thrones, 300, Conan the Barbarian, Vikings and Seven Samurai.

Green Man Gaming