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How To Pick Your GTFO Loadouts

Getting to know the weapons and tools is an important part of being able to overcome the challenges of the Complex. Here we will provide an overview of all the current weapons and tools available in GTFO. There is no limit to the number of one tools or weapon per team, so should you want everyone to have 4 sentry turrets you can. 

Firstly let’s take a look at the primary weapons you can equip.

Primary Weapons

Malatack LX Assault Rifle

  • Max Ammo - 265 (including in magazine)
  • Magazine Size - 30 
  • Damage - Medium
  • Rate of fire - Medium
  • The Assault rifle is considered to be a ‘best of both worlds’ type gun. It doesn't do high damage, but has decent recoil and range, making it a good option for players. It’s vertical recoil pattern makes it easier to control in full auto. 

Shelling S49 Semi-Automatic Pistol

  • Max Ammo - 168 (including in magazine)
  • Magazine Size - 15
  • Damage - Medium
  • Rate of fire - Low
  • Whilst the Shelling has a lower DPS than the assault rifle it does have a higher damage per shot. If you have a good aim, you will get a decent return with this weapon.

TR22 Hanaway Designated Marksman Rifle

  • Max Ammo - 67 (including in magazine)
  • Magazine Size - 10
  • Damage - High
  • Rate of fire - Low
  • The marksman rifle offers high damage at a good range, perfect for those one shot headshots. The trade off is that it has low ammo reserves and should you get overrun it might not offer you the DPS you’re looking for when enemies get up close and personal. 

Van Auken LTC 5 Sub-Machine Gun

  • Max Ammo - 393 (including in magazine)
  • Magazine Size - 40
  • Damage - Low
  • Rate of fire - High
  • The sub-machine gun is better for when enemies get a little too close. It has poor damage at range and it’s horizontal recoil makes it trickier to control when trying to pick off enemies at a distance. Making use of burst shots will give you the most benefit with this weapon. 

Special Weapons

Buckland S870 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

  • Max Ammo - 23 (including in magazine)
  • Magazine Size - 6
  • Damage - Very High
  • Rate of fire - Low
  • We all know shotguns by now. High damage but not great range. The main comparison to make here is between this and the AF6. The S870 fires more pellets per shot and deals higher damage per pellet. Which gives it better damage, range and accuracy.

Buckland AF6 Combat Shotgun

  • Max Ammo - 56 (including in magazine)
  • Magazine Size - 10
  • Damage - High
  • Rate of fire - Medium
  • The AF6 is a fully automatic shotgun giving it a better rate of fire at a cost of range and accuracy. It also has greater ammo capacity. When picking between two shotguns I guess you just have to ask yourself would you rather go full auto or semi-auto. 

Köning PR 11 Sniper Rifle

  • Max Ammo - 11(including in magazine)
  • Magazine Size - 3
  • Damage - High
  • Rate of fire - Low
  • This sniper rifle has extremely low ammo reserves meaning if you want to get the best out of it, you’ll need to be a good shot. It becomes most useful for killing the larger enemies easier and killing a scout in one shot to the head. Its situational and its usefulness will depend on what Rundown you’re attempting. 

Mastaba R66 Revolver

  • Max Ammo - 44(including in magazine)
  • Magazine Size - 6
  • Damage - High
  • Rate of fire - Low
  • This baby packs a good punch and can take out a lot of enemies in one hit. However, if you can’t hit those headshots you might get overwhelmed due to its small magazine size and low rate of fire. 

Techman Arbalist V Machine Gun

  • Max Ammo - 107 (including in magazine)
  • Magazine Size - 24
  • Damage - Medium
  • Rate of fire - Low
  • The Techman is basically a better version of the Malatack but with lower ammo capacity. It’s great for dealing with crowds of enemies and will cut them down quickly.


All the melee weapons in the game are the same with the only difference being a visual style. They’re perfect for stealth kills, just make sure you practice getting the range of your swing and time to charge right. 


D-Tek Optron IV Bio Tracker

This is an extremely useful tool for helping you identify what lies behind closed doors or in darkened corners. Its screen will pulse showing you the location of enemies and a rough range and is able to differentiate dormant enemies and scouts with different coloured dots. 

You can also mark targets that are within range and moving as a secondary function. It’s a fairly essential tool for survival. 

Krieger 04 Mine Deployer

With an ammo count of 8 the mine deployer is great for setting traps and choke points. Each mine uses a laser sensor as it’s trigger and will cause massive damage when tripped. Placing them on walls horizontally rather than floors and ceilings will provide more benefit as they’re more likely to be triggered. You can also pick up mines that have been placed. 

Stalwart G2 C-Foam Launcher

C-Foam is a versatile tool that can freeze both enemies and seal doors. Enemies that come into contact with it will be frozen for around 7 seconds. It has a max ammo count of 60 and takes 2 units to fully freeze smaller enemies. C-Foam placed on doors won’t keep enemies out forever, but it will slow them down given you longer to prepare. It is also a silent weapon so using it on something like a scout to open it up for a melee attack is very useful.

Metronic Automated Sentry Turret 

The sentry turret has two variants, a shotgun and burst rifle with both variants holding 210 ammo. Placing this tool in the right area can be the difference between life and death. It is the perfect weapon for creating choke points. It can be extremely useful for crowd control situations.

The shotgun variant is better at close range while the burst will provide you with better range. This tool takes some practice to get the best from it, but when you do it’s deadly. 

Hopefully this guide provides you with some useful information to take with you in to the Complex.