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Get A Head Start With These Hunter's Arena: Legends Tips & Tricks!

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is shaping up to be a game that offers a deep challenge and intense rewards for mastery of its various systems. It is an action-packed fighting game that focuses on highly competitive PvP battles while successfully combining the best of MOBAs, RPGs, and Battle Royale elements. It’s a next step in multiplayer action.

It can be daunting starting your journey as a fresh hunter, so let us guide you with a few hints and tips to hopefully make your first few matches a little easier as you start your journey to becoming the victor.

Tip #1 - Always be moving

Staying still is a recipe for disaster, so keep on the move. Your enemies will find it much harder to track you down if you’re not where they’re expecting.

Tip #2 - Use transport

Getting across the map can take time, so make sure you check out horses or gliders where possible to move fast and stay ahead of the competition.

Tip #3 - Be mindful of your surroundings

It’s not just important to be aware of where your opponents are but be aware of the world around you too. Fall damage can decrease your health depending on the height. So, make sure you don’t topple off a building or a cliff when out adventuring.

Tip #4 - Catch up by chasing

When running behind an enemy you’ll gain an increase in speed whilst in their slipstream. Use this to your advantage and make sure they don’t escape your wrath.

Tip #5 - Level up

This can’t be understated - if you get towards the end of the game and you’re under-levelled, you’ll find your opponents may be too much to handle. Make sure your character’s progression is even throughout, and you’ll be ready for any challenge.

Tip #6 - Smack them into the air

Some skills and martial arts can launch your enemies into the air, allowing you to perform aerial combos on them. This keeps them off balance and they won’t be able to retaliate whilst under attack as long as they don’t use their Escape Skill 

Tip #7 - Ambush from above

Launching yourself from a ledge or cliff from above is a great way to deal immense damage through a jump attack. Start your attack when in the air and when you land on your opponent, you’ll deal a devastating blow.

Tip #8 - Don’t forget the merchants

It can be easy to concentrate on adventuring and levelling up, but don’t forget to buy consumables and gear where appropriate. This will make sure your equipment is as tough as you are when it comes to confrontations.

Tip #9 - Talk, talk, talk

When in Trios mode, make sure you keep the team communication flowing at all times. If you see an enemy or special piece of loot you want to grab, let your teammates know so they’re as aware of danger and opportunity as you are.

Tip #10 - Resurrect when you can

When a teammate is incapicated you can resurrect them, just because they’re down doesn’t mean they’re out of the fight.

Tip #11 - Beware the night

After five minutes darkness will descend on the map, bringing challenges but also opportunities. Enemies will become stronger and their eyes will glow red, and special NPCs may hunt you down. Take them down for enhanced rewards, and also simply to survive.

Tip #12 - Dismantle equipment you don’t want

A great way to power up your equipment is through using Power Crystals, which can be obtained by dismantling unnecessary items in your Inventory. 

Tip #13 - Watch out for Odong

Merchant Odong is a wonderful friend who can pop up anywhere on the map, offering you special items and equipment at a bargain price. Make sure to greet him warmly and check out his wares if you catch him.

Hopefully now you should be ready to dive in and start dismantling your opponents in your next Hunter’s Arena: Legends match. For more tips, guides, and information, be sure to check out our game hub.