We Checked Out: SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard

Steel Series Apex Gaming Keyboard

One of the most important peripherals for a computer, whether at home or in the office, the keyboard is likely the device that’ll see the most use, regardless of what you’re doing. If you send an email, write a blog post or are playing a first-person shooter, you likely won’t be doing it without clacking down on some actuators.

The SteelSeries Apex has been sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks now and has seen use in both word processing (it wrote this very article!) and for gaming. Keypresses are quiet and satisfying, but the size of the keyboard leaves something to be desired. It’s about the size of the regular laptop keyboard I used in the office for a while, and while great for typing, makes going home to my regularly-sized keyboard a little tricky. This can be fatal if you’re playing a high stress and precision game like Counter-Strike but probably won’t matter for most.

With a large space button and ample room to rest your fingers, the keyboard feels comfortable. I’ve always had wrist pain when using a keyboard for too long, but the Apex sports a wonderfully comfy wrist-rest, making those long typing sessions easy. With lots of reporting going on in the job as well, the rather large number pad is welcome. Not to mention making many more abilities and shortcuts usable in MMOs and strategy games, the main games I’ve been playing using the Apex.

In addition, a complement of 10 macro buttons on the left hand of the keyboard, as well as 12 on the top in addition to the function keys, you can go pretty much stir crazy with adding macros and commands, as every strategy gamer wants.

You’re able to set up four light presets as well, through the installable software. I’ll admit that I’ve never been one to take advantage of this kind of customization, but it’s great to have the option there, should I need to change key brightness or want to change my computers colour scheme.

I’ve been happy with the SteelSeries Apex, and can see myself using it both for gaming and work for the foreseeable future. Comfortable, satisfying, and just customizable enough, it’s just right for me.