Top 5 Weapons in DOOM


Ahh Doom, where would we be without you. With the new game now released, we decided to take a look back at some of the incredible weapons in the previous games. From the iconic shotgun all the way to the B.F.G. Here are our top 5 Weapons in DOOM!

The Shotgun
Who doesn’t remember firing a shotgun in the original 1993 release of Doom? All the way from the satisfying noise it makes, the clunk of the reload and hearing a cacodemon suffer. TheShotgun had it all, firepower, the satisfaction. It’s clear how this weapon was the basis for many of the other (slightly more crazy) weapons in the game’s sequels.

The Super Shotgun
If the original Doom’s best weapon was the Shotgun, DOOM 2’s super shotgun upped the ante in almost every single way possible. One barrel is simply not enough for this heaving brute of a weapon. Requiring a lengthy reload after every shot, the super shotgun is the natural evolution of the original shotgun and does three times as much damage. I’d not want to be on the wrong side of this brutal weapon.

Plasma Rifle
The Plasma gun is an unstoppable force of high damage and appears in most levels as a
hidden item you can find. This gun fires blue and white bolts that will eviscerate almost anything they touch. When playing Doom on Nightmare difficulty, you always pick up a trusty Plasma Rifle to guide you through the game!

B.F.G 9000
I don’t think the B.F.G 9000 really needs an introduction. It’s a… well. A huge gun. A huge gun that can literally kill anything in a single shot. The B.F.G 9000 is so legendary that the DOOM 3 remake was even called DOOM 3 B.F.G edition, in celebration of this wonderfully hazardous murder device.

What’s more metal than punching a martian devil to death with your fists? Nothing.

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