What We Know About Mafia III

Mafia III

Mafia III is set to release very soon, but what differentiates Mafia III from other entries in the game? For starters, we’re seeing that Mafia III chooses to tackle a very interesting period in history, set in the fictitious city of New Bordeaux in 1968, you play as Lincoln Clay – A veteran from the Vietnam War. Not only does Clay represent the underbelly of culture in the late 1960’s, but his ethnic descent is also a factor in how you will be able to interact with the world around you.

These decisions make Mafia 3 a stark departure from the tried and tested storytelling we’ve seen so far in the series. Mafia III aims to tell the story of the downfall of the Italian Mafia, and the rise of power amongst other segregated groups. Don’t go into Mafia III expecting your traditional story of corruption and power in the Italian Mafia, like Goodfellas, Scarface or The Godfather-Mafia 3 turns the generic conventions of its genre of its head when making Mafia 3, and takes place in an unconventional time period for the genre.

Expect Lincoln Clay to go through the pain of a shifting world, the growing pains of New Bordeaux’s seedy underbelly, it’s a story that has not often been told, and one that we’re incredibly excited to play. The game itself is formed around a traditional open-world structure, with you being able to go out and explore everything that New Bordeaux has to offer at your own pace. This unprecedented approach to design in Mafia III in addition to the potential of really capturing the mood of the time by adding in a complete licensed soundtrack!

Not only will the soundtrack add to the vibe of New Bordeaux, it will also breathe life into the city in a way that nothing else can. Say goodbye to the Internet, smartphones and all your digital comforts! In Mafia III it’s going to all be about you and your stereo with some absolutely stellar hits that really evoke the late 60’s vibe. Credence Clearwater Revival, anyone?

Either way, Mafia III is shaping up to be an incredibly interesting game, that will be able to treat its underlying themes with poignancy and tact, as well as being a fun romp through an era that we seldom see in Video Games. Developer Hangar 13 has put in the work for Mafia 3, and it’s shaping up to be a serious Game of the Year contender.