What We Know About FIFA 17

FIFA 17 | What We Know

FIFA 17 is almost here, and to be honest we can’t be more excited about it. Who hasn’t sat down on a sofa, ready for some matches on FIFA? Despite how heated the game can get and potentially ruining a friendship or two debating if a shot was offside or not, at its heart, FIFA captures not just what’s great about football, but also captures the essence of the beautiful game.

FIFA 17 looks to build on and improve on the FIFA Formula by building a complete, cohesive gaming package that is sure to last you hundreds of hours! With features such as the brand-new ‘Journey’ mode where you play as Alex Hunter, an up and coming amateur footballer who is looking to make it big. This is the first time that a Football game of this type has additional Role-Playing elements and fully fledged cutscenes. EA has since revealed that infamous football manager Jose Mourinho will also be making an appearance in FIFA 17!

In addition to its new single player offering, FIFA 17 also boasts usage of EA’s lauded Frostbite Engine, which is also being used in titles like Battlefield 1, Star Wars: Battlefront and the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda! So you can be sure that EA’s latest foray into football is going to look DAMN good.

In addition to all this, the game you know and love is still going to be there, if you’ve built up skills on previous FIFA games, you know that you can dive straight into FIFA 17 and keep beating your friends in its online modes as well as the returning Ultimate Team feature!

You can expect to find Career Modes, more control of your club and for the first item ever, you can also design your own personalised manager to stand on the sidelines as your team plays on the field. FIFA 17 is such a huge, complete package that’s bound to keep you entertained for the year to come. And who knows, you might get better than us at it!

Boasting so many features and game modes, FIFA 17 will capture you, from The Journey, to it’s competitive online Multiplayer modes, to the iconic Ultimate Team, FUTDraft and more.

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