Mafia III Hit List

With a new Mafia game, comes a new soundtrack! The newest installment in the Mafia series takes place in the swinging 60s and of course, the soundtrack takes us straight there! There are over 100 songs to listen to in Mafia III’s fantastic OST and we’ve narrowed down our Top Ten. This list is packed full of Classic Rock and iconic 60s Pop Music. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of 1968’s New Bordeaux.

Otis Redding – “Hard To Handle”
This song was definitely ahead of it’s time, and we love it. We can just imagine swerving about New Bordeaux in a sweet muscle car as we listen to this track.

The Troggs – “Wild Thing”
Pretty much everyone on the entire planet has heard this classic, and here at Greenman Gaming Towers we can’t stop ourselves from singing along! For that reason, this song has to be on our list!

The Temptations – “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”
This tune (about a man begging a woman not to leave him) is surprisingly happy and upbeat. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a leisurely stroll around New Bordeaux.

The Rolling Stones – “Paint It Black”.
The Rolling Stones have a few hits on this OST including “Sympathy For The Devil,” “Mother’s Little Helper” & “Street Fighting Man”, but this one is definitely our favourite.The opening riff to this song is so iconic, that it had to be on this list! This isn’t the song’s first appearance in a video game either! It’s also featured in Black Ops III and Guitar Hero 3, but we think it’s much better suited to Mafia 3’s New Bordeaux.

Aretha Franklin – “Chain Of Fools”
Aretha Franklin is definitely one of the biggest icons of the 60s! Mafia III also features the very much, overplayed “Respect”, but we decided to go for the more mellow “Chain Of Fools”.  Ahhh, just listen to that voice!

The Beach Boys – “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”
The Beach Boys are one of the biggest bands of the 60s (and they even have 3 more songs on the OST). Nowadays their songs seem forever doomed to play on television adverts, so hopefully, being featured on the Mafia III OST will  redeem them a little in the eyes of the masses. We do reckon this song will go very nicely with bashing an Italian mobster’s skull in.

The Miracles – “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me”
This song provides a nice change of pace from a lot of the more upbeat and fast songs on the Mafia III soundtrack. Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely ballad?

Jefferson Airplane –  “Somebody to Love”
This song has had it’s fair share of covers over the years but we think that the original version (featured here), is definitely the best. “Somebody to Love” is just the epitome of the 60s. What more can we say?

Johnny Cash – “Ring of Fire”
A large amount of the songs on the Mafia III Soundtrack are undisputed classics, and this song is definitely among them. Johnny Cash’s Dulcet tones get us in the mood for some destruction!

Iron Butterfly – “In A Gadda Da Vida”
The first thing that springs to mind when you hear this song may be the Simpson’s Episode where Bart sells his soul, but the second thing that should come to mind is the 60s! The opening lick is so rough and dirty that it accompanies Lincoln’s path to revenge perfectly!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Top Ten Mafia III Songs List! If you want to find out what other songs are on the Mafia III OST, you can find the full track list.

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