What we know about Civilization VI

civilization vi

It’s almost time for all to grab our mitts on the new Civilization Game! Following up from Civilization V, the sequel takes us to all new heights by adding a whole load of new features that makes us able to micromanage all of our Civilizations even more. Despite all these changes, you can pretty much be assured that ‘One More Turn’ aspect of this turn-based Strategy title won’t be going away anytime soon.

Additionally, the sheer number of Civlilizations that you can play as has dramatically increased, with each one having their own unique skills and abilities to help you grow in each direction, from specialist units to unique abilities that will help you overpower or outsmart your enemies. The tech tree is now bolstered by a rehauled Civics system, which can provide further benefits to your Civilization.

However, one of the biggest changes that we can see from the new title, which we had the chance to play a few months ago is the trading system. With each new generation comes a new bar for AI interactions and CIV VI’s jump gives us deeper trade negotiations with each Rival Civilization, which pushes the tension further with the inevitable fallout and wars. City States are also back, with each one dishing out quests, which you can reap rewards from for completing them!

Really, Civilization VI has so far displayed that fans of the series shouldn’t be worried at all. So far, it’s the game that we all know and love, just pushed further with additional flourishes to make it that much deeper. To say that we’re excited about Civ 6 is an absolute understatement. Personally having thousands of hours in games all across the series means that a new Civlilization game is big news. We can’t wait to see just what the new game has in store for the rest of us.

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