DOOM Arcade Mode


One of our favourite games of 2016 so far is DOOM. What we loved most about it, is the epic single player campaign which takes you on a journey through hell and back again. However we have been slightly disappointed about DOOM’s DLC, as it is only focussed on the games multiplayer. Luckily a free update has been released that breaths some new life into the single player campaign which we are very excited about. DOOM now has an arcade mode!

If you think the single player in DOOM was hectic enough then Arcade mode cranks it up 10 fold! The idea behind this mode is to wrack up the highest score possible. All of your weapons are fully upgraded from the start which leave you to just focus on your kill count. Each stage of the campaign can be played in any difficulty and you are given a medal at the end of each stage depending on how many points you have managed to wrack up! Points are awarded for various things such as killing enemies to picking up items. Consecutive skills add to your score multiplier as well (which maxes out at x32) and you receive bonus points for gory kills and headshots. This leads to some epic non stop gameplay that’ll leave even the biggest of Hell Knights quaking in their hooves.

If you want just a taste of what Arcade mode has to offer, then check out the video below: