Major Partnership Announcement For Total War: Arena

Total War

Wargaming, Sega and Creative Assembly announced today a new partnership to support the development of Total War: Arena, a free-to-play strategy game.

Creative Assembly first announced Total War: Arena at the Games Development Conference back in 2013. Since then there has been a rumbling hype around the game, which will provide a rich action experience for players.

Free-to-play masters, Wargaming, who have most recently launched World of Warships and due to the success of their free-to-play titles, announce the game as the first release on the Wargaming Alliance platform.

This platform has been designed to extend the community outreach of free-to-play games and open new doors for exciting partnerships and collaborations. As Sega and Creative Assembly step on board, it’s extended the buzz around this highly anticipated free-to-play strategy game.

A game release date is yet to be announced, but with this new development, we’re hoping to hear more soon.