Pokemon Sun And Moon Save Glitch

Pokemon Sun and Moon

There have been several reports from Pokemon fans over the past couple of days that Pokemon Sun and Moon are both suffering from a game save bug that makes the game unplayable.

Based on several tweets from gamers who have been effected by this, if you save your game in any of the Pokemon Centres in the Alola region or in certain portions of the Battle Tree (a competitive area that is unlocked during the post-game) it could permanently damage your save file. When gamers reload their game, their character will disappear and they will be unable to progress any further.

According to a post by Kotaku however, it seem that this game breaking glitch isn’t as bad as it initially seems. The glitch is apparently triggered if players have been using the PKHeX, a popular program that is used to edit saves in order do get better Pokemon in game. A tweet that was sent out by the programme’s creator calls out people who have used PKHeX stating: “Funny how people blame the games for a ‘glitch’ instead of stating they used an illicit tool. The tool caused the problem :)”

The creator of the PKHex programme, Kaphotics continued to explain on twitter that; “Saving changes in the latest [PKHex] .exe truncated player coordinates.” This means that the Pokemon glitch is a known bug for his own programme. The bug messes with the players location in game which in turn triggers the glitch to happen.

Journalists have been reaching out to Nintendo in order to get confirmation about this, and Nintendo have yet to respond. It seems as though the glitch is only triggered by those who use the PKHeX programme. So if you are sticking to traditional means of catching your Pokemon, you should be fine.

Pokemon Sun and Moon was released on the 18th of November in the US and releases today in the EU.