Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has changed community posts made by Donald Trump supporters

Reddit CEO

Reddit Chief Executive Steve Huffman has raised concerns over tampered posts after admitting that he edited posts made about him on the popular community platform, Reddit.

He has denied changing the meaning of the posts, but instead claimed that he redirected the abuse written about him by Donald Trump fans on the platform to a pro-Donald Trump subreddit.

After Reddit became a popular discussion site surrounding the US elections including the “Pizzagate” conspiracy, CEO Huffman did take it upon himself to edit user posts.  

As well as user posts, certain subreddits have been closed or renamed, calling into question the editorial controls that Reddit have on the site. Born as a site for speech freedom, belonging to the community, Reddit has stood as a platform that celebrates uncensored user comments.

So far, Reddit management has observed the forum from afar, but with the news emerging of edited user posts, the Reddit community is no longer uncensored. Now that the management have weighed in on user comments, do they need to take responsibility and accountability for all comments made?

Reddit has been the choice for real, raw news from anybody who wants to involve themselves, loved for its lack of editorial structure. In the gaming industry, communities are the backbone of current content and they need to be trusted in order to nurture organic news and opinions.

Community owners need to be clear with their rules on censorship, to let users decide how they express themselves on these platforms. This is also important because it helps to inform users when deciding whether the news and opinions formed and shared on these types of sites are organic and honest, rather than censored.