Hearthstone Expansion: Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan Reveal


If you’re a Hearthstone fan like me, then the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion has been on your radar for a while and it’s something you’re hotly anticipating like that first advent calendar chocolate. It’s so close.

I like to play as the Paladin and Hunter and I am guilty of only ever straying from my beloved heroes and occasionally going for the super spell class in Mage and Priest. I don’t remember a time I played as Shaman, or Rogue, they just don’t offer me enough. However, that could change with this new expansion that consists of 132 cards across hero types, all varying in power and ability.

A new feature that Blizzard have incorporated into the expansion deck are the ‘family special’ cards. The classes tie in with the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’s characters, where the heroes have been grouped under three factions and given their own unique twist.


Grimy Goons – Hunter, Paladin, Warrior
The Grimy Goons sure picked a flattering name for themselves. They’re your gangsters and weapon smugglers, eager to make their coin by equipping Gadgetzan with all sorts of untested and illegal weaponry.

Kabal – Mage, Priest, Warlock
Need some mana quick? The Kabal got you covered. These crazy chemists control the illicit mana trade in Gadgetzan, and there’s never a shortage of magic-users looking for a little extra boost to their latest potent potable or kooky concoction.

Jade Lotus – Druid, Rogue, Shaman
Members of the Jade Lotus family excel in the ancient arts of stealth and assassination.

The set will contain 132 collectible cards in total – 42 neutral cards, 81 class cards (9 per class), and 9 faction cards (3 per faction). You can find a breakdown of the cards with Blizzard revealing the remaining 28th November.