No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Now Live

Foundation Update

Over the weekend Hello Games released the Foundation Update that was teased on Friday. This update is the biggest that No Man’s Sky has ever received, and has seemed to have enticed players back to the expansive universe explorer.

Update version 1.1 brings in the ability for players to build bases, research brand new technology and even create save points. Players will also have the opportunity to purchase Cargo freighters, which can be teleported to any solar system that the player is exploring.

No Man's Sky Update

Hello Games have put together a handy overview video (which can be seen below) which breaks down all of the changes that have been included in the update. If you don’t have 6 minutes to spare.

  • Three different game modes: Normal, which is the classic No Man’s Sky experience; Creative, which lets you dive straight into base building with unlimited resources; and Survival which ups the difficulty and tests any intergalactic explorers
  • Home bases can now be established by players. These can be used for shelter, storage and researching new technology
  • Farming has been included. Players can now farms crops and resources
  • Save points can be added anywhere
  • Communication terminals can be left anywhere and players can leave messages for other explorers to find
  • Intergalactic Freighters can now be purchased and manned by your very own alien crew.
  • A new quick menu has been added to make menu navigation that much easier

You can get the full patch notes for the Foundation Update. The update is now available for PC and PlayStation 4. According to Steamspy the amount of players that have been playing No Man’s Sky since the foundation update has increased from just under 800 to 8,000.

You can check out the video below for a breakdown of the update in full.