Nintendo Switch Announces Private Event

nintendo switch

We’re getting closer to a final reveal date for the Nintendo Switch and with that updates are becoming more regular. Now a private ‘hands-on’ event has been planned for January, meaning press and invited guests will be able to get a first look and play of the new Nintendo gaming console.

Launching in March 2017, Nintendo have so far been quiet when giving any concrete price point or launch date. However, with the news of the press event in January, there’s hope that we’ll soon have a set date for the Nintendo Switch release.

Although we have been trickled information about the Nintendo Switch, we do know that it’s USP is that it is a portable device as well as home console. In the video below you will see the device being used with ease, as the Nintendo Switch hopes to fill a market opening, in those that need the convenience and speed in switching devices simply.

The Nintendo Switch certainly does look like it offers this function, with a portable tablet device and small detachable controllers called Joy-Cons. With Nintendo also reverting back to gaming cartridges, we’re extremely excited to see first reviews of the Nintendo Switch and how much original Nintendo components will make up this unique console.

Watch the first look at Nintendo Switch below,