Steep Season Pass and DLC Announced

Steep Season Pass

Ubisoft has announced the upcoming Steep Season Pass and DLC for their new extreme snow sports game.

Steep is an open world extreme winter sports game, where players can glide, drop, spin and crash their way down huge cliffs at ridiculous speeds. The game has been hotly anticipated by fans of these adrenaline fuelled adventure games. Check out the details below,

Exclusive Season Pass Bonuses

  • 10000 Steep Credits
  • 10 Helicopter Tickets
  • Snowman Costume

Adrenaline Pack

  • Additional Outfits (Woodcutter, Crystalline, Classic White Wingsuit)
  • Moonlight Pack (Night challenges and glow-in-the-dark costumes)

Winterfest Pack

  • New Sport (Winter Sled)
  • New Challenges
  • Fun Costumes (Sumo, Pizza Wingsuit, (what appears to be a) Mankini)

Extreme Pack

  • 3 New Sports (Rocket Wings, Base Jump, Speed Gliding)
  • Extra Challenges

The Steep season pass will be available from December 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.