Death Stranding Announcement Trailer

Death Stranding Announcement Trailer

At The Game Awards 2016 last night Hideo Kojima brought the brand new Death Stranding Announcement Trailer. This is the first time we have seen anything about the game since the teaser trailer was revealed at E3 2016. You can watch the trailer below.

Fans of Kojima’s PT demo will be pleased to know that the latest Death Stranding trailer stars film director Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro worked with Kojima on the PT demo and the now cancelled Silent Hills project. It’s nice to see that Del Toro, Kojima and the Death Stranding’s main star Norman Reedus are back together once again. Whether Del Toro will have a main part in the full Death Stranding game is unclear at this time however, as the post trailer credits neglect to mention Del Toro.

The trailer also featured Mads Mikkelsen of Hannibal and Doctor Strange fame (and also one of Kojima’s favourite actors) also featured in the trailer. It has been long rumoured that he would be having a role in Death Stranding, so it’s great to see that those rumours have now been confirmed.

Hideo Kojima will be on hand at the PlayStation Experience this week to talk more about Death Stranding.