Prey 2017 Trailer at The Game Awards

Prey Release Date

Arkane Studios took to The Game Awards 2016 with a new trailer for Prey. As well as the cinematic trailer, an additional gameplay trailer takes a longer look at in game play, with a narrative from Director Raphael Colantonio.

Prey is the long-awaited second instalment to the popular 2006 original game. It is a narrative driven sci-fi game, set on Talos, a space station that players can explore throughout the game.

There is not a connection to the 2006 Prey, and has been described by Colantonio as “neither a horror game nor a shooter.”

The 8 minute gameplay walkthrough offers a glimpse at the game’s setting, story, enemies and weapons.

Take a look at the second cinematic trailer below, featuring the main character who is exploring a creepy space station and fighting off strange ghostly entities.