Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Story Expansion Announced

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Naughty Dog announced Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at The PlayStation Experience this weekend.

Described as a ‘stand-alone experience’, you can expect it to be shorter than Uncharted 4, but meaty enough to sink your teeth into. A gameplay demo was shown during the reveal, which is the beginning of the game, but the creators have confirmed there will be other areas other than the city they start in and the whole game will be based in India.

The game explores the characters Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, who have been in the previous Uncharted games. The gameplay demo shown below, starts at night time in India where our heroine Chloe begins her journey through the empty streets. She is soon accosted by a group of military men, but is allowed to go on her way. As Chloe makes her way through a mysterious building with a red door, she is giving orders to get to the rooftop. When she gets to the top, she sees a burning city, wrapped in smoke. Just as it all gets messy, her friend Nadine comes to the rescue.

Uncharted fans will rejoice as this new story emerges, just as we thought the franchise has been bought to a close.